Back to the Gym.

Alright so I am a long time looker and reader of T-Nation, but have never posted or signed up. I am 15 years old, I play hockey and have been in the gym for about 6-8 months. I am very committed to not only getting big, but to improve my game in hockey. My role in hockey is pretty much to do the rough stuff and dig deep in the corners. All that good stuff.

About a year ago, I was 5"6 and about 180 pounds. As of today I am 5"8 and 167. I recently took about a month off off weights, only because I was focusing on doing good in my tryouts. I didn’t make the team that I was striving to make. But there is always next year. I workout almost everyday that I don’t have hockey.

My split:

Day 1 - Chest + Bi’s
Day 2 - Back+ Tri’s
Day 3 - Legs + Lower Back
Day 4 - Shoulders + Core

My Diet - I find it incredibly hard for me to follow a specific diet everyday.
I Just focus on eating LOTS but being healthy. Lots of Protein and Carbs.

Supplements - I recently took a weight gainer and noticed decent results. I have tried lots of the big hype pre workout supplements and basically gave up after a few tubs of that crap.

As of today- I am taking A weight gainer (45 minutes before workout and post), Animal Pak Multi Vitamin (morning and night), and Since I got it for free and have heard half decent things about it, Deca Stack (30 Minutes prior to workout).

My Progress - It has been steadily increasing. I have noticed a big change in my game. I am not quite happy with the way I look yet. But its coming slowly. Right now I am trying to bulk up. And am going to do a cut after christmas.

Lifts are at:
Bench ( Very Low, I Think ) 145 x 5
Dead: 205x3
Squat 205x6

Pictures - This is all I have at the moment. I will post more when I get the time.

are u looking for advice? cause u didnt really ask haha. im just gonna say dont cut after christmas. stupid idea

Welcome to the Nation.

Cutting after Christmas is traditional, I guess. People trying to lose the winter weight, get ripped for summer. Good luck.

Looks good man, but I would definately look into how Deca works, and why it might not be the best idea for a 15 year old.

Your natural gains are going to be sick if you hit the gym hard. Deca might be a bit much?

Good luck!

I believe he’s talking about this, not real Deca.
*Deca Stack Proprietary Blend 19,000mg

* Anabolic DECA Complex:
  Arginine Decanoate, Creatine Decanoate, Glutamine Decanoate.
* Advanced Insulinotropic Complex:
  Bis (Picolinato) Oxovanadium (BPOV), Potassium-R-Lipoate (K-R-ALA), Cinnamon Extract Containing 0.95% Trim & Tetra A-Type Polymers.
* Advanced Neurogizing Matrix:
  Thiamine Tetrahydrofurfury, L-Tyrosine Decanoate, Caffeine Malate.
* Advanced Power, Strength And Endurance Matrix:
  2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid, L-Leucine AKG, Methylguanidinaocetic Acid.
* Other Ingredients
  Natural And Artificial Flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Color (FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6 

Yea, Nutrabolics Deca Stack. No steroids.
May I ask why some think cutting after christmas is stupid/bad idea?

I am not working out to " get ripped and have a six pack " like most teenagers. I want to not only get big, but am working to get better at hockey.

I work incredibly hard in the gym.And love it. And i consider myself pretty educated and know what I am doing.

And as for not asking anything. I was just looking for advice and basically seeing what i should change.
I will try and get a pic, pre-bulk, post bulk and after my cut.

Alright so I am into my bulk right now and have gained 2 pounds in the past week. To be honest i have noticed reasonable gains while on the deca stack. I definitely would recommend trying it. Should I be focusing on rep ranges like 3-5 or higher since Im bulking…?