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Back to the Gym with Plazma Protocol


So I am probably going to get murdered by the forum and I'm sure I would deserve it. I went on a spell recently and haven't been to the gym consistently in months. Now to get motivation up and take advantage of a nice discount I purchased the Plazma stack. That leaves me with some what of a newby sounding question, but the end result is that I just want to get back to where I was.

I'm 28, 6'1 and currently 190lbs. Prior to stopping working out consistently I was up to 205 after completing the I, Bodybuilder Program. If I don't eat properly or hit the gym I start dropping weight.

My plan of attack was to get back into the swing of things for 2 weeks then jump right into the Hypertrophy Indigo program using the Plazma stack.

Good, bad or terrible idea... I just want to get shape fast.


I stopped going for er 1-2 years due to work & other life issues.

And I then also bought the Plasma stack.... so I can relate (back 4 weeks) :slightly_smiling:

I highly reccomend the layer system as your program of choice rather than the Indigo one... I even asked the question way back was IBB or Indigo the best program & CT advised to try learn about the Layer System.

You can find most of the info here... any questions, feel free to shout.



Just spent about an hour reading all of the different Layer Split articles and now my head is splitting. I know that my success with I, Bodybuilder stemmed from me not being my own trainer per say. What I should really be doing is just picking one of the below options and getting in the weight room but since I want to maximize efficiency I might as well question my findings.

I need some verification,



Layer 1 : Movement Strength or Ramp to Max = the same - do 6-9 sets working to 1-3 rep max based on skill level +OK
Layer 2 : Positional Strength or Clusters = confusion - am I pausing twice or doing 3 sets of 3-7 reps w/ 10s intervals ?
Layer 3 : Explosive Strength or HDL/Extended sets = confusion -
Layer 4: Muscle Strength or Max Pump/Speed HDL.... = ?

Basically I just want to get into the gym, be effective and have a pre-made plan outlining what to do.

I stumbled upon your 10 day layer for Ultimate Hypertrophy, are you still doing that ?


KSU try the original layer workout which is this:
Pick One Lift per day 5-6 Days a week - Slight Decline Bench Press, Snatch High Pulls (Done Twice A week), Trap Bar deadlift or squats, Slight Incline Bench press or some form of Overhead Press

A.Max ramp to a 3RM,2RM or 1RM
B. Do as many cluster reps as possible with 90% of the Max Ramp. Do 3 Cluster sets
If you get more than 6 Reps on a set then up the weight a bit for the next set or if you really struggled to get 3 Reps than lower the weight.
C. HDL - Ascending set which is 5 Reps/15sec rest/4 Reps/15 sec Rest/3 Reps/15sec rest/2 Reps/15sec rest/1 Rep. Use 70% of Max Ramp
Or you can do Max Reps/15 secs Rest/Max Reps again. Use 80% of Max Ramp for that.
You should do at least 3 sets of HDL
Throw in some biceps & lats work on your high pull days


Some pre-made versions in this thread for you to select from :slightly_smiling:



So here is what I'm looking at. Any pointers will definitely be considered. Just wondering where to put my first mag10 as some articles/forums don't show it prior to AM workouts due to time constraints.

Wake Up : 5 AM - Indigo 3g (6) immediately upon waking
5:15 AM - Pre-Load Plazma (1 serving)
5:40 AM - Workout (2 servings)
6:40 AM - finish workout
7:40 AM - MAG-10 (Almonds)
9:00 AM - post workout meal or MAG-10?
12:00 PM - meal
3:00 PM - meal
5:00 PM - stretching/minor aerobic workout with the girlfriend
7:00 PM meal

I plan to do the 10 day layer system, starting each morning with a few sets of box jumps, 20-30 total jumps

I also don't have a prowler for day 5 so I was thinking about replacing that with suicide sprints?

I'm also looking for some good post workout meal ideas to hit these calorie marks shown on the Plazma store page, any suggestions.