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Back to the Gym After Recovering from COVID-19

Hi guys,

I’d be most grateful for your opinion.
I caught f*cking COVID. The doctors said it was just the beginning of pneumonia. I’ve been taking a shitload of medications for ten days, felt better very soon. Now I’m tested negative and feel pretty much okay, but they say I should stay off the gym for at least two weeks. Seriously? Are they kidding me? What do you guys think? When is the right time to go back to the gym after a not so severe case of COVID, although followed with the beginning of pneumonia?
Any advice is very much appreciated!

I think you should wait. Your immune system is degraded and its possible the pneumonia could show up again. Let your body rest, eat a shitload of healthy food, and you’ll be raring to go back when you’re fully recovered


Thanks, @studhammer for the reply, I guess you’re right :slight_smile:

I talked to my doctor again and now he says I should better stay out of the gym for 4 weeks. I don’t know how I’m gonna cope with not going to the gym for 4 weeks psyhologically …

I know a few people that caught Covid - went back to work too early - and it went very badly.

One is still suffering from exhaustion 4 months later. Take it easy and get it right.


Thanks, @carlbm

When the lockdown happened, my gym was closed for month and you’re right, its hard. I handled it with a ton of outside working around the house but it was hardly the same. It will pass though and it wont be that bad.

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This too shall pass. Thanks, @studhammer

Walk the dog. Stretching mabey body weight. . This is a new virus. We don’t know the long term effects. No way of knowing how long it takes the body’s inflammatory response to completely recover


It’s been 3 weeks since I was released from hospital and I still don’t feel reaady for gym… I hate Covid :slight_smile:

#YOLO what would a doctor know anyway?


I had it, dealt with incredible nausea for 5 full weeks and got back to the gym almost immediately with no problems. If you’re testing negative and don’t feel compromised I see no reason to wait if you don’t want to.

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