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Back to the Gym After a Layoff

Hey gang. I’m getting back to the gym this week after a nearly 6-week layoff. Due to a staph infection for 4 weeks, then getting back and getting a 5-day case of DOMS, I am finally feeling up to getting back to a routine.
The best part is that I feel like I can start all over, pretty fresh on any program I want. But when I went back a few weeks ago I did a low-weight (50% of 1-RM, 8-12 reps) workout to get back into it. 2 days later the DOMS set in and I thought a truck had run me over. The workout was front squats, overhead presses, and rows.
To avoid that, knowing all I know about peri-workout fueling to help prevent DOMS, what’s a good routine to get started up again?
Thanks all.