Back to the Grind

Hello fellow lifters, pushers and pullers. I’m back in the gym after a very long long time and am loving it. Ive always done the pushups and pullups since a teen never regular but its been there it gave me some muscle gain but nothing great after 30 i joined a gym and went crazy, dieting lifting and in that frenzy badly injured my back after 3 months, had bulked up and gained quite a but but i was out now.
couldn’t sit or stand with ease for a long time, after the pain eased i got back to push ups and pull ups and cardio. I leaned up a bit but i missed lifting, freehand got me only so much results. then again a year or so back i was struck with golfers elbow, now even pushups was out of the question, so i just ran and squated.
i joined the gym a week back with trepidation that my elbow will agravate but all is good so far. i’m more aware of my form now and make sure i don’t overtrain too. Not having done a single pushup for over a year my strenth and muscle tone are down so i’m slowly building that up. I’m not blessed with great genes and i feel i’m a little low on testosterone too, always have been. two weeks down, i see my posture has improved and the old muslce memory has kicked in some pump, don’t want to stop or rather hope no injury befalls me now. i want to hit my goal before i’m 40.
cheers guys will keep you posted

Keep at it and best of luck!