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I guess I’ll start a new journal since I am training for another meet on November 8. I’m 25 years old and compete in the 275lbs raw (no equipment) class. The last meet I did was USAPL raw nationals. My results and (training PR’s) were

SQ: 474 (477)
BP: 325 (330)
DL: 518 (485x4)

On the squat I took 502 for my last attempt but lost my arch at the bottom and missed, but I think I would have been capable otherwise- 474 was very easy. This cycle I will also try to train deadlift after squats because at the meet by the time the bar hit the floor I was running on fumes.

Training journal here:

Sunday, August 2

Squat: 135x10 225x4 275x2 320x5x4 sets(belt) 365x3 (paused third, belt)
Shrugs: 405x10 495x10x2 sets
Back raise: 20x10x5 sets
Incline sit-up: BWTx10x5 sets

Bench-135x10 185x5 225x5x4 sets 255x5
This cycle I’m pausing all the reps for everything over 225. It was easy at first since I’m starting light but for the last set it was hard to stay tight. I found the bar drifting towrd my stomach and losing alot of speed.

Chest and delts are plenty sore this morning.

Close grips-225x3 245x3 all paused

Chest supported row-5x10
Reverse Curl- 5x10
Dumbbell wrist curl-5x10 -will switch to barbell
Neck harness-2 sets

Incline dumbbell press-25sx10 60sx10x2 65sx10 70sx10 65sx9
Pulldowns-135x10 150x10 165x10 180x10 195x10
Westside extensions-40x10x5 sets
Hammer curls-45x10x4 45x15
neck harness

Doing some high reps/hypertrophy stuff for a change of pace. Kept rest periods around 60-90 sec

SQ-135x10 225x5 275x3 let on 320x5x4 sets 375x3
DL-315x1 405x1 475x3 singles 525x0- gassed couldn’t budge it
have a bad habit of stiff-legging
sit ups-10x10x3 sets bwtx10

Really getting frustrated with deadlifts- in the last 2 years raw squat has gone up about 75lbs but deadlift stayed the same. My training partners haven’t really been helpful or encouraging. I’m going to try using a wider stance (still conventional) to see if that helps.

Bench- 135x10 185x5 230x5x4-all paused 260x5-all paused
Close grips- 225x2 245x2 255x2 all reps paused
Chest supported row-90x10 135x10 145x10 155x10 160x10
Reverse curl-55x10 60x10 65x10 70x10 75x10
Dumbbell wrist curl-30x10x5 each hand

Decided to do a different meet at the end of November, which should give me some more time to fix my deadlift form issues.

Box squat-135x10 250x2x12 sets
bulgarian sq-40x10x2 bwtx10x2 each side- needs work
Reverse hyper-90x10x4 sets
Side bends-95x5 115x5 135x5 95x10 each side

Squat-135x10 225x3 275x3 325x5x4 sets belt on 375x3
Deadlift-315x10 singles
45degree back raise-25x25x3 sets
ab wheel-3x12

really dragged my feet today need to step it up!

Bench-135x10 185x5 235x5x4 sets (all paused) 265x3 (paused)
3 Boards-265x3 295x3 275x5 (all sets paused)
Chest supported row- 135x10x2 sets 145x10 160x10 180x10 (a bit sloppy)
Reverse curl-45x10 55x10 65x10 75x10x2 sets
Wrist curls with dumbbell-35x10x5 sets
neck harness

Box squat-135x10 275x2x10 sets
Pull through-160x10x5 sets
Side bends-115x5x3 sets
straight leg sit ups-bwtx10x3

really get sore from the volume but I think box squats are helping with my form

Incline press- 135x10 185x5x4 sets- paused all reps
always been bad at inclines but want to get this to 225
Pulldown(v-handle)-110x10 (misloaded) 155x10 170x10 185x10 200x10
Westside extensions-40x10x3 sets 45x10 45x7- done
Hammer curls-45x12x4 sets

Squat-135x10 225x5 275x3 330x5x4 sets
added belt- 380x3- paused third

Deadlift-335x1 425x1
added belt 485x1- slow
485x1- smoked
485x1- tough rep
485x1- grider, nosebleed!

Still getting used to deadlift and squatting in the same workout. I switched from a very close stance on the conventional deadlift to about shoulder width.

Form was a bit iffy though. Next week I will do form work with 405 instead of 315.

you got two whole months.

good luck and godspeed

might i suggest some high rep work here and there?

[quote]RiVaL6 wrote:
you got two whole months.

good luck and godspeed

might i suggest some high rep work here and there?[/quote]

Thanks man!

I tend to keep reps low on the power lifts as I find my form breaks down if I do higher reps.

Or did you mean assistance stuff?

Didn’t get to the gym this week because I was trying to get in some last minute (week) cramming for part of my CPA exam. Won’t bore you with the details but I ended up having to reschedule for November.

Bench- 135x10x2 sets 185x5 225x3 240x5x4 sets 270x5(wrist wraps)- all reps and sets paused
Close grip-225x3 250x5 (all paused)
Curl-65x10 75x10 85x10 100x10
Reverse wrist curl-25x10x5 sets

Wrists felt a bit weaker from the time off, but otherwise a good workout, especially close grips felt very strong.

Sq-135x10 225x5 275x3 335x5x4 sets 385x3(belt)-paused third rep for 3 seconds
belt on
meant to stop here since I’d gone heavy Tuesday but training partner started running his mouth
510x0-gassed, couldn’t budge it
405x3 standing on 45#


Bench-135x10 185x5 225x3 245x5x4 sets 275x5- all reps paused
I can tell upper back and forearms/wrists are stronger, I feel much more stable and under control.
Close grip-225x5x2 all paused
Chest supported row- 135x10 145x10 160x10 170x10/135x10(drop set)
Neck harness-2x25
Bike-20 minutes

Didn’t feel like I was fully recovered from last session, should have waited another day or so.

Box squats-135x5 225x5 275x2x12 sets
step-ups- 60x10 40x10x3 sets each leg
Reverse hypers- 90x10 100x10 110x10 140x10x2 sets
side bends-115x10x2 sets each side
roman chair situps-bwtx10x2 bwtx20
neck harness-50x30x2 sets

Incline press-135x10 185x5 205x5 225x5 all paused- different gym, lower incline, will try to do at my other gym next week though
Squat-135x10 225x5 275x3 340x5x4 sets; 390x3 (belt)- paused third


Didn’t get much sleep the night before so a bit uninspired today

Bench-135x10 185x5 225x3 250x5x4 sets 280x3(wrist wraps)- all reps paused
Decline-225x10 245x10 - didn’t go heavier as I was training alone and it was really hard to unrack the weight
Cable row-180x10 195x10 210x10 225x10
Wrist extension-50x15x3 sets
Dumbbell wrist curl-40x15x3 sets each hand