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Back To the Basics

Hey guys. I recently had my knees fixed by ART. Because of this im really aching to start squating like a fool again. When i was younger i made awesome progress on a Bill Starr type program. Ive been following an Ian King type split for some time now and have grown quite stale. Im looking to give the bill starr routine a run again. What do you guys think? I also want to be able to do some snatches and stuff of that nature. Give me some feed back dogs!

If it’s worked before, then why not? What’s the routine anyway?

As a male cheerleader Goldie, you should be able to do snatches without any problem. :slight_smile:

Drax-mainly squat on monday and friday. 5x5 on monday and then5,5,5,3,3 on friday. then use what i do on friday as my weight for monday. then throw in rows and benches and chins on monday. all 5x5. then on wednesday, maybe snatches with an over head squat thrown in, with some other relatively light exercises. Friday would be something like inclines and something else for back. Monday-Heavy Wednesday-Light Friday-Medium.
Avoids-You crack me up just about everytime i read one of your posts. I didnt really care for you when the forum first started but now i read every thread that you get on. How old are you anyway?

How old is Avoids? I’ll give you a hint. His real first name is Methuselah. :slight_smile:

Goldie, older than dirt and tougher than gravel (56 11/12). Demo Dick, I’ll see you in September!

i sure as hell better still be lifting and talking to people about lifting when im 56 and 11/12. keep on truckin patna.

That’s pretty fucking old. :slight_smile: