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Back to School! Selegiline, Meclofenoxate, or Hydergine?


Hi everybody. I'm currently in a masters program and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'd love any little boost I could get! :wink: I have combed through the massive nootropic threads and I understand the dosages and recommendations for vinpocetine, DMAE, and aniracetam. I have been taking a combination of these for a while and I have been pleased. Of course, like everyone else in this forum, I'm always interested in taking things to a higher level haha.

I know Bushy/BBB is the king of this stuff, and I see he highly recommends Modafinil. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Moda or even a reliable source for it. I do have a trusted source that offers Selegiline, Meclofenoxate, and Hydergine. What would you folks recommend out of those three choices?

I greatly appreciate the assistance. Personal stories or guidelines are also welcomed. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Please don't take an ergot alkyloid for an insignificant improvement in memory. If you actually read the studies showing enhanced cognitive function in seleg you will see most WAS scores are not substantially improved (in the sense of noticing real life benefit), only enough to be considered significant.


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While I do not recommend deceiving a medical professional, if you were to have a legitimate need for such a medication as Modafinil, a doctor should and very well may give such a prescription to you.

Do you work shifts, and suffer from high levels of fatigue during the day because of this? Do you suffer from fatigue related to sleep apnea? A doctor may also find that an off-label use would be warranted in your case.

This medication is attainable for those who need it.


Off label uses frequently are denied insurance coverages. Since it is not available as a generic, he is probably looking at around 200$/30day supply.

As an example Seroquel is frequently Rxed as a sedative for the elderly either QD or PRN and it frequently is denied by insurance.


Interesting to know. I know some insurance covers off-label meds... but insurance so often does not cover things due to technicalities. This appears to be one of them.



Don't know how you can say you don't have a reliable source for Modafinil...all you need is a credit card and an Internet connection.

My experience with selegiline is that it's effect is so subtle as to be imaginary.


Don't know how you can say you don't have a reliable source for Modafinil...all you need is a credit card and an Internet connection.

My experience with selegiline is that it's effect is so subtle as to be imaginary.


I was very interested in nootropics during my early college years and wasted quite a bit of money trying out the compounds mentioned in this thread. The only compound mentioned in this thread that had any beneficial cognitive effects for me was modafinil -- and adrafinil, which is a chemical precursor to modafinil and was available first. These compounds increased my power of attention and willpower, and they also improved my mood.

These effects were not subtle at all, and I enjoyed them immensely. In the short term, they didn't cause me to feel nervous or jittery the way that a high dose of caffeine does; while taking them, I felt more solid and in control of myself than while taking nothing. However, after using modafinil for a few months (can't remember the exact length of time now), I began to notice a slightly increased level of anxiety and a slight diminishing of its positive effects.

Also, my weight decreased a bit while I was on it, and my skin developed some sort of negative reaction to it. Taking it would cause my skin to become sensitive, itchy, and red in some areas (especially my back and shoulders). If it weren't for the skin problems, I probably would still take modafinil every now and then as a cure for procrastination.

Modafinil shows some dopaminergic activity, so perhaps there could be some negative interactions with selegiline. I suppose there could be some positive ones, too. I personally wouldn't use them together without first doing a lot of research about potential interactions. I'd also be careful with the vinpocetine. I noticed that I bruised more easily when I took it.


Thank you all for your replies so far! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: BBB, what type of dosage would you recommend for selegiline? What precautions should be taken? (On/off periods, etc.) Obviously, I'm still in the research phases when it comes to this compound. If it indeed gives a mood lift, is there risk of dependency or screwing up my brain chemistry long-term?

I also got hold of some Oxiracetam. I hate to make you repeat yourself BBB, but correct me if I'm wrong- I should use it only for study/memorization sessions, and I should plan on a nap or resting after a couple hours? Is it 800mg the recommended dose for this purpose? Would it be safe to use on a near daily basis? I figure I could dedicate myself to a couple hours of study prior to retiring on most evenings.

And lastly (full of questions today), I've seen BBB's recommendation of Bacopa to reduce exam anxiety. I have a big exam in about a week, and I do tend to get nervous. Due to my own short-sightedness, I will have probably run out of Aniracetam by this point. However, my local supplement store sells Bacopa, so I was thinking about picking some up for its anxiolytic effect. What dosage would be recommended for this purpose?


Found BBB's recommendation for Bacopa in another thread. 1500mg, but that was in conjunction with the Ani, which I will be out of by then. Should I up the Bacopa dose at all, or is 1500mg sufficient?


Can you post a link to this thread? I am also interested.