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Back to Reality: Canelo vs Golovkin


I think Canelo will be pretty much the same in terms of movement, I imagine his main takeaway will be he needs to up his conditioning to keep up with the relentess pace and not get 1/2 gassed again


Does the draw basically guarantee that this will be a trilogy, if not a 4 fight series? Are the PPV and gate #s released yet?


Agreed. Canelo definitely gassed after round 4-5.

Do you think he’ll go straight for a counter-punching mindset and not fight as much in the middle of the ring, now that he has proved that he can take GGG head-on and not get KOed?


Lol at this score card. I guess the ESPN guy lost his cool over the 118-110.


Oh yeah. It was hilarious but I was also blown away that anyone with eyes could have scored it that lopsided.



On a side note: Stephen A Smith is an absolutely awful “boxing analyst/commentator”. I wish he’d stay away from boxing.

118-110 Canelo is an Impossible card. Can’t believe Byrd is still allowed to judge, boxing or MMA. The only good that can come from such a score, would be for her to be banned from judging in any combat event. I hear she’s going to be barred from judging for the rest of 2017 … how about life? Thanks.

Moreti’s score card made the most sense to me, though I don’t mind Trella’s. That should have been a very close win for GGG, resulting in calls for a rematch regardless, because it was such a great fight. The draw with such a shit score by Byrd, really tarnishes the way it ended.


I dunno, I think his team will prob convince him to stick to the middle.

Tho he tried to laugh it off I think he got rocked by this sledgehammer in this shot on the cover/first 20 secs, 2 inches over or near the jaw and he would have gone down. Cant find the clip but De la hoya had a look like he shit the bed when he saw Canelo’s head whip round like that.
I think he;ll be feeling pretty damn beat up this week and if he’s smart wont be getting too cocksure



Definitely some solid efficiency from Canelo … I mean, it was evident in the fight. He seemed very efficient, beautiful slips & counters. It’s almost like someone showed him clips of Mayweather vs Maidana 1, and said, “this is what we’re going to do!”. But to me that’s a horrible strategy for Canelo. GGG fought like he normally does, though he held back a bit more because Canelo’s counter ability was sharp af, but he’s done that before - ie vs Jacobs. Canelo fought different than he normally does; lots of backward movement & dancing around the ring. I just don’t know how someone could think that would be successful if he hadn’t used it before in such an important event/match. At least I don’t recall him floating around the ring like Ali in previous fights… maybe i’m wrong?

FWIW, Mayweather vs Maidana is one of the best examples of efficiency vs volume. Pretty much every respected analyst’s unofficial scorecard had Mayweather winning, basically 115-113, and man he got severely out worked. Seemed like Canelo tried to do something similar, but, he doesn’t have that kind of control of his opponent or the INCREDIBLE stamina like Mayweather does.



Exactly. Mayweather landed 9 more punches than Maidana.

GGG landed 49 more punches than Concelo. Even if half of those were glancing/weak jabs getting hit more is not a winning strategy.


I had it 116-112 Golovkin. Canelo definitely made it hard for him to land but he gave up the centre of the ring far too much to win rounds. Think Golovkin will finish him inside the distance next time unless his age catches up to him.


True. But he is a really fucking FUNNY commentator. His rants are really gold most of the time, and for that I salute him haha


WTF no way Canelo won that 7-5, this is shit for boxing.

HBO, CBS, Telegraph et al, scored it for GGG!


I missed it. Went to sleep early to wakeup to watch a marathon… lmfao. (KIPCHOGE WR).

But I heard GGG got robbed… again.

IF TRUE, that really sucks. :confused:

Heard it was pretty close though.


I never laugh during his rants. lol. Can’t stand Kellerman either. The combo of Kellerman/Smith is a form of torture to me.

I like Cowherd tho.