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Back to Reality: Canelo vs Golovkin


A real mega fight is brewing… For boxing fans, this is a serious & long anticipated fight. Golovkin has the size & power advantage, and serious boxing skill. Canelo has serious power, but far more experience & IMHO more boxing skill than GGG. Both fighters have incredible heart & legit chins. Can’t wait. For MMA fans who aren’t huge boxing fans, this is probably a fight you’ll want to watch. It’s going to be a war fought at pretty much the highest level of boxing skill.

Also here’s 24/7 ep 1:


I’m super excited for this fight, it’s a shame it didn’t happen sooner. I don’t really blame Canelo’s people for waiting on this fight, even now GGG isn’t a huge PPV draw. If Gennady had been promoted differently earlier in his career he could have been a much bigger star.

I really don’t know who is going to win this fight and I am a fan of both guys. I give Canelo the edge in hand speed and GGG the power advantage. As you say, both guys have good chins and also a lot of heart. Golovkin has shown great technical ability when he wants to but in some of his recent fights he has tended to brawl a little more and leave his chin exposed. He would be very foolish to fight this way against Canelo.

My gut tells me that GGG wins this fight, but honestly it could go either way. The real winner of this fight will be the fans because this should be an action fight with both guys showing real world class skills.


Super excited. Triple G is my fave, but gut says Canelo. I think canelo will b able to keep away from Golovkin and land something serious. But it’s a tough call.


Been waiting for this fight for a while, v excited, actually going to buy the PPV instead of streaming it. For me Golovkin is too strong and is technically better at using the ring than Canelo. If Canelo ends up in the corner/on the ropes trying to counter Golovkin I see it going badly for him. Think it will be a late stoppage for Golovkin(rnds 9-12).


I am not so much of a boxing hardcore fan, just MMA and Kickboxing, so dont beat me if i am wrong. But why in the world is Canelo here such an underdog ? I thought he might be the favourite, also considering that GGG had a super hard fight against that Jacobs guy.

On my favourite betting site the quotes are GGG 1.57 vs Canelo 2.4 . (That means whatever money you put on Canelo you get it multiplied 2.4x of it if he wins …)

isnt Canelo favourite here ?


Since both guys are highly skilled, it’s mostly due to the size difference. Canelo has fought at Welterweight & Super Welterweight his whole career. GGG has fought at Middleweight & Super Middleweight his whole career. AFAIK, Canelo’s only fight at Middleweight was against a declining Chavez Jr. So Canelo is going to take on a true Middleweight who is highly skilled and can punch like a tank. That’s my guess as to why Canelo won’t be given the advantage in this fight.

FWIW, I think Canelo’s skill & experience will be the difference maker.



Have been getting more tuned into the boxing scene as of late (have a relative who has been inviting me to watch fights and wanting to talk about it and such) and that promo got me excited! It’s a heck of a sport once you (begin to) understand what’s going on and how it actually works.


It’s interesting so many people think Canelo is more skilled than GGG. I see Canelo as a young slugger with a good gas tank that recently began refining his shots. GGG on the other hand might seem less skilled because he makes shit look too easy, and it’s very much what has happened for a while. People just kept overlooking him, then proceeded to get fucked in the face for it. With that said, it’s a toss up. I hope they both show up and have a legendary fight.


Crowd favorite.


Dear God, both GGG and Canelo have a monster of chin.



What a fight!!! I fucking loved every second. Unbelievable!

A draw?!??! What were the odds of that happening?? And seriously, who in the FUCK would really score that 118-110 Alvarez?? Somebody might want to look at his brain, I think it’s been traumatized.


On what planet did GGG win ONLY TWO rounds.

Amazing fight, one of the best I’ve ever seen live. Round 5 a war. Canelo tougher than I expected, Golovkin just made of granite

Garbage score, just garbage


This fight makes me wish I knew about boxing enough to watch Pacquiao vs Barrera I live back in the day. Wouldn’t have happened cause we didn’t have cable and would never have paid for PPV even if we did, but I’m only starting to realize how thrilling live boxing can be.

It’s unfortunate that you never quite know when a fight would be truly amazing.


Funny you should mention Pacquiao, I will say that ggg held back for more than half the fight figuring out if canelo had power to hurt him.

He didn’t.

The rematch you will see ggg be much more aggressive, watch for him to cut canelo’s circling by beating him to the right ala manny pacquaio was famous for


Ya, that’s how I felt too.

GGG seemed to walk through everything that Canelo threw at him. GGG will not spend the first 5 rounds or so holding back and being cautious in a rematch.

How do you think Canelo will move in a rematch though? I thought that Canelo managed to deal with GGG’s shots very well too. But there’s a reason why Canelo kept getting stuck in the ropes and moving back.

Is Canelo legitimately the toughest boxer that GGG faced, or was it simply because GGG was too hesitant early on?


I think legitimately the toughest.

Keep in mind Canelo has had a habit of periodically going to the ropes on purpose to bait his opponent in. I think this was a strategy he wanted to try (contrary to his corner’s wishes, if you were hearing what they were telling him throughout the early and mid rounds–they kept telling him to “quit clowning”). Early on it seemed to frustrate GGG.

Canelo moved forward quite a lot in the early rounds, and that’s not just due to GGG being cautious.

Personally I think that once he got in the habit of going to the ropes he was unable to break it. As GGG built up steam he found himself falling back more often because he’d already been doing it. A bit like allowing yourself to spar with hands down gets you when you’re in the real bout.


Easily one of the best title fights I’ve seen in 10-15 years. If I think about it, it’s probably closer to 20+.

Monstrous, I can’t wait for the rematch.


Well that was a lovely scrap… What a sick fight.

I came away with different take-aways than some of the posts in this thread:

  • Canelo’s boxing skill is superior to GGG’s. He was slipping GGG’s punches all night, making him miss by a mile on many occasions. His counters were so sharp. He had GGG frozen for a good portion of the fight, GGG just couldn’t unleash his power because he was missing too much & was cautious about what was coming back.
  • Canelo’s body work is absolutely beautiful. GGG abandoned his body work, for the most part.
  • Canelo was way too tight in this fight. He looked nervous from the onset. He was shaking his arms throughout the fight, just didn’t look settled. Even with all that, he somehow was able to slip & counter beautifully. GGG looked so relaxed and confident from the onset.
  • Canelo’s “Floyd Impersonation” probably tired him out even more-so. Just way too much backward movement, dancing around the ring. That’s not his style, and I don’t think it served his stamina well in this fight.
  • GGG’s heart is incredible. Towards the end of the fight, between rounds, man was he sucking wind. He looked absolutely trashed in the corner. But once the bell rings, he just comes forward in terminator mode and pushes through it. He didn’t let his foot off of the gas, even while being very visibly fatigued.
  • GGG’s power is incredible, but Canelo can take it. Canelo’s power is solid, and GGG can take it as expected.
  • In the rematch, GGG won’t be able to make as much adjustments as Canelo. This is why, for the rematch, I personally feel more confident that Canelo will win a decisive decision, as long as Canelo stands his ground more and comes in with more confidence. If Canelo has stamina issues throughout the entire fight, GGG will win “again”.
  • GGG definitely won that fight, but not by much. I can see how that could be called a draw, but 118-110 for EITHER fighter is an absolute disgrace. That fight was very close. I personally had GGG winning 116-112 but that could have easily been 115-113, which again is close to draw status.

I’ve seen some highlight videos posted so far, and in my opinion, Canelo has the majority of the highlights: slips, counters, combos, movement, all in Canelo’s favor. His boxing is so damn sharp it’s really impressive. GGG is a true warrior with freak power, but he’s like an “old dog” at this point. I don’t see him acquiring some of these nuanced skills like Canelo has done over the years. Canelo adopted TOO MUCH of a “Floyd style” in this fight.

IMHO, If Canelo stands his ground more in the rematch, I think he can really school GGG. When Canelo did stand his ground, he got the better of the exchanges. I have no problem with him backing up, but he needs to do it more “controlled” and waste less energy moving back explosively. He also needs to do less of it in general, and just stand in the pocket slipping & countering which he proved he can do against GGG. If he makes those adjustments, which I think he will because he’s that caliber of fighter, the rematch should go his way.

Also if anyone remembers, he stood between rounds in his last (few?) fights. I think he’s been trying to improve/address some stamina issues in anticipation of a fight like this. IMHO, he was struggling for most of the fight. To me, you could see him trying to relax, but he just couldn’t relax on the level he wanted. I think confidence and nerves could have alot to do with it, or maybe it has more to do with the weight gain, since he looked alot more relaxed when he fought at true welter. This is something they need to try and fix, fast. I don’t think it’s as simple as more road work/conditioning, there’s some other stuff going on there. I mean he’s been in so many 12 round fights, massive title fights, etc - at this point he should look way more comfortable throughout the first 3 quarters of a fight like this. The “arm shaking” is a big sign to me… You don’t do it as much as he did it, if you’re not feeling very tight. He did lots of subtle shaking of his arms, and some overt ones as well. As a counter example, I can’t even think of the last time I saw Floyd shake his arms in a fight… Floyd’s 12 round stamina is absolute god-mode. But Floyd ALWAYS fights his own fight. He doesn’t switch it up like Canelo did, and fight with a different style. He just goes out and does exactly what he always does, and he’s completely comfortable doing it, no matter the work rate of his opponent.




Nice post. To counter, I think GGG was cautious in the first half of the fight trying to figure out if Canelo had enough power to hurt him early. He knows he does not–and in the rematch this will mean he will turn up the heat sooner, and forego the 5 round cautious feeling out process.

I think the next fight will be much more of a bloodbath, with Golovkin turning it up earlier while Canelo tries to sit in the pocket more than he did.

I honestly didn’t know how this one was going to be scored going into it.


I felt that Canelo is faster and has superior skills. He showed that he can both take GGG head-on (up to a certain point) and also avoid his punches and throw counters all throughout the fight.

The problem is that GGG didn’t seem to give two shits about how many times Canelo smashed him with a counter or generally show that he can out-box him in the center.

I got the feeling that GGG was getting to Canelo in the end. Yes, Canelo threw everything he got in the last 3-4 rounds as per his corner’s instructions, but what did it achieve? He might have won rounds as a result, but what about in terms of actual effects on GGG?

The key in the inevitable rematch simply seems to be whose chin will hold out longer, unless Canelo somehow finds a way to greatly increase the damage he does. Otherwise GGG will probably win the rematch.