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Back to Normal Routine

Ok I saw the light and with the advice of many and what my joints were telling me I scrapped my old program and wanted any positive of negative feedback on my traditional routine.

Day 1 Chest, Back

DB Press
Inclined Bench
Cable Crossovers

BB Bent Rows
Seated Cable-Rows
Behind the head pulldowns

Day 2 Legs, Abs

Stiff leg Deadlift
Leg Press
Standing Calf-Raises
Hanging leg raises

Day 3 OFF

Day 4 Traps, Shoulders

BB Shrugs
Upright Rows

BB shoulder Press
DB Front raises
Bent rear delt DB raises

Day 5

Biceps, Triceps

EZ Bar Standing curls
Inclined Hammer curls
Overhead Cable curls

French Presses
Close-grip presses
Cable pushdowns


Rinse and repeat

Doesnt look horrid id prob rotate a sqaut in bi weekly for the DL. Id also do the shoulder and traps the same day and I suppose have an arm day.

also what kind of rep, set rep scheme are you planning??

3 Sets 6-8 Reps…As far as an arm day, and switching around traps and shoulders…Good point…

Looks good. Id add a leg curl of some sort on leg day to balance out quad work and to work the flexing function of the hamstrings