Back to Lower Dose After 2 Years on a Moderate Blast

So basically I got on trt over 2 years ago partially because I was having symptoms of low t partially because I’ve always been curious about steroids. It didn’t take long before I was doing deca, Anavar, tren ,eq I wanted to try them all. Mostly separately of course but I stayed on a steady dose of 500 mg of test for nearly 2 years.

I got bloodwork done here and there but not as often as I should. Everything was ok but Hematocrit was a little high And on tren cholesterol got a little out of whack but nothing crazy.

After a while though I decided to cool it and bring my test back down to around 225 and get back into cardio and calm down a bit with the heavy lifting. No injuries or health scars except for having a resting heart rate of 80+ which I don’t really care for.

My concern though is I’ve been on 225 test for over a month now and am having slight Ed issues. Nothing debilitating I can still have intercourse but erections are soft and I barely wake up with morning wood. My guess is by body needs to readjust to a lower level of test and I need to just give it more time but I just wanted to see if anyone had any other opinions.

Other than that I feel great, way more energy, sleep is much better since lowering my dose this is really the only issue I’m having.

Any input is greatly appreciated. I’m pinning 3x a week at 75 mg per pin.

This won’t help. I’ve seen guys with ED do better when the dose was lowered. I’ve seen guys do better when the dose was increased.

Any recent lab work to go off of? Could be prolactin, could be e2, could be DHT, could be in your head.