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Back to Gym, Diet Question

background check:
-at 165lb, 24 yrs old, will use SS, a few years on and off.
-cardio done 2-3 times a week (sprints,jogs or sandbag carries).
-i dont care if my abs show or not, i just want to move. heavy. shit. and. grow.
-6 meals a day. alot of water.

diet info:
-vegetarian (yes, i said it)
-daily nutrient (counted each one, rounded off to the nearest 5):
PRO: 255
CARBS: 370
FAT: 170

my only question is with the ratios (i know i shouldnt be too worried at this stage over something like that, but id rather ask anyway). as it stands, P/C/F read as 25/37/38, and i guess im worried that protein seems low compared to a higher carbs/fat figure, even though im eating around 1.5g/lb. should this be a worry for me?

(alot of my protein comes from milk and cottage cheese, so carbs go up as protein does, fats come from natty PB, olive oil, nuts and such. will post out diet, with P/C/F/CALS, if required)

tried to keep the post easy to read. would appreciate any help/advice :slight_smile:

Dont worry about it as long as the protien is high enough to help you put on the muscle, if its mass you want its mass youll get with ratios like that, though personally when im trying to bulk i go for closer to 5-6000 calories a day, but i am quite a bit larger than you(6’4.5" 220+).

Post is easy to read. Volume of protein is fine. Starting Strength is a great program. Protein from milk/cottage cheese is fine if you’re not lactose intolerant. If you are, you’re kinda screwed.

Good luck staying vegetarian. There are others who post here who are also vegetarian, so it’s not like it’ll retard your progress all that much.

Eggs are also recommended, assuming you find them acceptable to eat.

cheers for the replies. milk/cc isnt a problem for me, i stomach it fine. i dont eat eggs either, otherwise they would have been up there.

i dont plan on staying veggie forever, but understandably, the jump mentally is quite difficult. itll happen in very small steps, but any step is better than standing still.

if i needed to increase calories, could i just add in more olive oil and nuts and such, or should the increased calories come from protein?

I noticed beans weren’t on your diet. They’re a good source of protein.

there are numrous things i eat that havent been listed above. beans are one of them :slight_smile: other foods include oats, whey, rice, potatoes, indian cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, powdered almonds, and on rare occasions pasta and cheddar cheese.

i just didnt find it necessary to write my entire diet out, as long as im eating clean, good foods and the total macros are given, i figured it’d be enough, rather than giving readers an essay to read :slight_smile: