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Back to growing (even if I am Forty!)

Just wanted to let you guys know, Thanks for the great tips and encouragement. I Went out and purchased
ZMA, Creatine, protein (blends as well as whey), 1,000 milligrams a day of tribulis,100 of dhea,and upping diet to 3200. Start there to see what happens. It has only been a few days and I already feel better adding the extra fat. The past issues on this site are awesome and a wealth of information. Thanks a million, I will keep you posted. Allan

Allan, great to hear you’re already feeling better. One caution I’ll give you. You’re probably wasting your money on the DHEA. I’m not sure of the chemistry of it, but that faithful search engine will help you.
If you haven’t tried it yet, get your hands on Tribex 500. It’s the best pro-testosterone formula out their. I use it and notice a big difference at age 23! And my T-levels are already high.

I agree not to waste money on DHEA. You might want to add vitex with your supply supplements. Although with the Tribex 500 itself, you’ll feel like you’re 19.

Good luck Allen (from a 45 year old).T-mag has helped me achieve the best body I have ever had.

Hey, Allen, I’ll be 40 next week! Guess what: I just put on 10 lbs
(almost all muscle) between March and August of this year,
using mostly workout protocols prescribed on T-MAG. Most CRUCIAL
to my success were the writings of “JMB!” I’m confident you can
do the same! -BELIEVE- Your PAISANO - Joey Z. ::::----::::