Back to benchpressing soon

Hi guys,

Long time poster. New account.

Basically I have been away from powerlifting for a while. Looking to get back into it. Bodyweight now is 210 lbs at 5 9. At my heaviest I was about 235 lbs.

Been doing pressups. Hit 42 the other day (all time best was 43).

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What do you guys think of the physique? Obviously at a high bf % right now, but it’s coning down fast.

Worked out today.

Got my weights.

Did up to 50kg on the bench and BOR for about 12 reps for 3 sets. Did 6 sets on each movement total, workout took 55 minutes.

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Squat workout today.

50.5kg x 5, x 7, x 10.

Gently gently.

Going to do some cycling later also.

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