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Back To Basics

I re-read C. Poliquins “Back to Basics” last night, in which he made the distiction between PULL-ups(palms facing away from you)and CHIN-ups (palms facing toward you). He SEEMED to imply that they were interchangeble. By this definintion, I do PULL-ups because I was always “told” that to have your palms facing you caused too much biceps involvement. Your thoughts?

I use the “under grip” chin as a LAT exercise in some programs and as
a BICEP movement in other programs.

It all comes down to “torso positioning!” To work my LATS: I lean back
(or keep my torso at an angle). Then I start the rep by retracting my
scapular while driving my elbows down and behind me. I also make sure
to pull the bar to my LOWER chest and pause at the top for a count of 2.

For my BICEPS: I keep my body straight up and down, with my head under
the bar! Here I begin the rep by pulling with my arms and flexing my biceps!
For BICEPS - I pull the bar to my UPPER chest and pause at the top for a
count of 2. Hope this can be of some use. Joey Z.

The supinated position (“chins,” palms towards you) is superior for training the lats, especially with a close grip like about 8"
apart (that’s a rough figure, I’ve never
measured it.)

The pronated position (“pullups,” palms
away) especially with a wide grip is superior
for training other muscle of the upper back
such as the teres and rhomboids.

Chins and pullups are quite different exercises and aren’t interchangeable.

Bill, what you said makes a lot of sense. I was looking at
the question from the perspective of how it affects the biceps.
I can now see how chins palms up and pullups palms away
are NOT interchangeable. Your reply is an example of why I
do chins and pull-ups from so many different angles.
E.g. - Like when I do neutral grip pull-ups behind the neck
in order to focus on the mid-trapezius and rhomboids,
as opposedto the lats. Maybe we should direct all our
Back Trainingquestions to you. Sincerely, Joey Z.