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Hello all. I am new here and I have a few questions.

Let me start off by giving my stats and my goals: I am a 19 year old ex-high school athlete. 6'2" at about 187lbs. After my football season I injured my shoulder doing a set of dumbbell presses, and my weightlifting hasn't really been the same since. After high school I fell out of shape, and now I want my body back. The only problem is I have very little discipline left. My aim is to become a model, and possibly get back into shape to play football once more.

I have read around T-Nation a little bit, but have been confused about some things quite often. I would like to gain weight but also become more defined. Many times over the summer I found myself going back into the old habits of spending hours in the weight room and on the track, aimlessly, wondering around, without a set goal, trying to find that right plan, but never getting it.

I was wondering what the right diet/workout plan would be. Even though I used to be an athlete, I consider myself a beginner, in the sense that I completely forgot all of my technique. Also knowing that my shoulder is still hurt (I feel the pain in it a lot when doing simple things such as laying on it at night, even during sex sometimes I feel a slight pain, etc.) I worry about whether or not I over lift on it. Are there any tips to get my strength back in my shoulder without tearing something?


I'd go to a doctor for your shoulder if you never did. If it isn't feeling the same, that's obviously not a good thing. After you get diagnosed, I'd read Shoulder Savers by Eric Cressey, and the part II as well as III. Definitely see a doctor though. I would drop everything you are doing that causes you pain first and foremost. Good luck with getting back into it and your shoulder.


Thank you. Around the time I 1st hurt it, I already had an appointment for something else. He just suggested to take it easy with lifting and sports, and try to get a massage every now and then. Since then i haven't done much. I've been meaning to go to a sports therapist but just never got around to it.

What exorcises do you suggest other than hard cardio for getting more defined. It's hard for me to maintain the correct diet, so every time I start getting into running and other activities, I lose muscle as well as fat. Am I just completely eating wrong or is there no such thing has getting cut and gain muscle at the same time.


You can lose fat and gain muscle concurrently for a little while. It's what is knwon as newby gains. Essentially everything works at first.

Instead of lots of long cardio try doing 20 minutes of interval training instead. Also (After getting your shoulder looked at by a doctor) start doing more resistance work which will help you preserve and build a bit of muscle.

As someone who junked his right knee from neglecting an acute injury, I can't stress enough how much you should get your shoulder checked out first.