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Back to Basics Training for the Non-Athlete


Hi CT,

I was wondering if i could just have your critique on a program i have put together?

I am a non-athlete which at my current stage in life have very little time to train. However i still love training and have goals i would like to reach. For the non-competitor who just wants to hit decent strength goals (2 x bodyweight squat etc.) and have a good physique to back it up, would a program such as below (full body 3 x week) be suitable.

Mon, Wed, Fri:

1-Back Squat or Deadlift
2-Weighted Chest Dips or Dumbbell Bench
3-Weighted Pull Ups
4-Overhead Press or dumbbell Shoulder Press
5-Dumbbell Row or Barbell Row
6-Hammer Curl or Barbell curl

7-Either loaded carry or grip work

All reps in the 6-10 range, completing 40-70 reps per large body part. I would squat monday and friday and deadlift on wednesday. General cardio work would be performed on off days.

Are there any major issues with a program such as this?

Many Thanks in Advance


I personally don't like it. That means what? 6-10 sets of 6-10 reps per exercise? You'll have no quality after the 2nd or 3rd exercise. I'm also not a fan of sets of more than 6 reps on deadlifts.