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Back to Basics - Literally

So I haven’t been working out for quite some time - at least not frequently. (did I spell that right?) Mostly because of laziness and a few back injuries.

Background - 27 years old, Denmark. Body type is ‘thin’, with low fat.
Have done some Sheiko, but don’t really got any other experiences at lifting. I was one of the types who joined a gym to get bigger, and worked out with absolutely no mind.

I want to get back to the gym, and begin my way to work up to some heavier lifts and weights! But I dont really know what kind of reps x set range I should go for?

Been looking at the Bill Starr’s 5x5, and just replace the Cleans with some overhead presses… Just my back haven’t really recovered fully - some days are better than others, so obvious I want to make my bag stronger. I want to commit to the free weights, and I definitely prefer the big lifts.

The advice I’m looking for is kinda - should I stay at Sheiko (with some adjusted overhead presses), or do you guys have any other advices I can use?

I’m new in this forum, and been lumbering through the jungle of topics in here, to find some inspiration.

  • Purken.

5/3/1 boring but big would work, a sheiko program is tough on the most sound of lifters.

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Yeah, I’ve been looking into that one too. Guess I’ll have to go max out in order to make that workout.

Not at all. Just estimate your max using the formula:

Estimated max = (weight lifted x reps x 0.033) + weight lifted

Take 90% of that and that’s your training max. Base all your training percentages off your training max.

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Ah okay, cool - thanks for that one!

How about doing deadlift and squat at the same session? Is that a poor choice or will it work?

Was thinking something about:

Squat x Overhead Press x Bench Press
Deadlift x Rows x Bench Press
Squat x Bench x Front Squat

Would that work? Or should I go for an different setup?

I would just follow the program corstijeir posted EXACTLY as written. Boring but big is a great plan and doesn’t need to be tweaked. Trust the program, it has been tried, tested and proven to work.

I’ve been looking at it, and I’m gonna give it a try!

Just one question:

How much difference does it make, if I only would be able to work out 3 days a week, instead of 4 as the program describes?

Go on Amazon, pay your $5 or $10 and own the book. It explains and sets out every possible way you can do 531 - and yes, three days a week is definitely possible.