Back to 531

I’m returning to 531 after a extended period training RTS. I was just wondering for the guys who have stepped away from 531 but came back to it how you adjusted your maxes? With the previous style of training it was mostly maximal lifting in the 3-5 rep range, so I fully anticipate getting my ass handed to me whilst going for higher reps

I finished a Madcow 9 week cycle and tested 1 rm. I then used 90 percent and capped my 5’s week at 10 reps, 3’s at 6 and 1’s at 3. Get after it and embrace the challenge of squatting for reps, I’m a big fan of the adrenaline rush when I get to the 6th rep and go after 10. I hated doing anything over 5 reps now I can’t wait to for 5’s week so I can bang out a tough set.

I think I may take 80-85% of my RMs and begin there. I’ve developed some good maximal strength from the low reps but my work capacity is shit. Thanks for the reply I am looking forward to high rep squats again