Back to 5/3/1 After Cube

Hey Jim,
For the past 8 weeks I’ve been using Brandon Lilly’s Cube kingpin just for something different, and as of next week I have a ‘mock meet’ to set some new PR’s, and after that I want to run beyond 531 1.1-1.4 again, as I had awesome strength and mass gains last time…and it’s just a damn fun program. I still have my 531 TM’s recorded, but they will probably be quite a bit lighter than 90% of the 1RMs I’m aiming to hit. Better off going off 90% of new maxes or sticking to old TM’s to make sure i start ‘too light’?
can there be too much of a gap between TM and 1RM? (I am not opposed to a light TM, my gym ego is pretty tame so i’d rather do good work at this point in my life)

I would treat it like a new cycle and use the principle of starting light to guide my decisions around this.

I ended up using TM’s based off my new maxes. Was a little hesitant but low and behold if I haven’t set a Rep PR for every main lift this week. S:170x5 (was still getting over a damn cold so i know I had another rep or two in the tank) D:170 x8 (could have pulled 10-12 with straps) and just Benched 110x7.
Trust the system!
Also, Dopethrone has become one of my favourite albums to squat to so cheers for that old gem JW, best albums to bench/deadlift to? Phil Collins owns my press…

I don’t really listen to music to pump me up or anything like that - I just listen to what I enjoy regardless of the situation.

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