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Back to 5/3/1; Adjust Numbers for Strength Loss?


Did several rounds of 5/3/1 this year and significantly increased my strength levels.

Had to take the last three months off due to gym renovations, and am now returning.

Any advice on how I should adjust my numbers to reflect the inevitable loss of strength? What percentage would you guess my totals have dropped.


How long had you done 5/3/1 before the layoff. If it was 6 cycles, I'd go back to cycle 2 for instance.

Or you could just go to the gym for a week, do the exercises and get a rep max and work from that.

Also, was it really necessary to start a new thread - I'm sure this would have fit in the other 5/3/1 thread. Not that I'm the thread police or anything. I just come across that way.


Repeat Week 1 from your most recent cycle, using those reps calculate a new 1RM and take 90% of that and start over again.


I did approximately six cycles of 5/3/1, but didn't keep records for individual cycles after I was on to the next; I just kept updating one record as my numbers increased.

As for starting a new thread, I think the question was distinct enough to justify it, and applies to systems other than 5/3/1. Wasn't interested in my post getting lost in the now 22 pages and counting of the current (part four) 5/3/1 thread. If the mods wish to merge, that's certainly in their purview.


Interesting suggestion -- think I'll take it. Might do a starter week at deload numbers to ease myself back in, too.


Your numbers could be anything from 10% to 100% of your lifts, go to the gym first day, take a max for squat bench dead and military, use those numbers because your wieghts should increase fast the first week so i wouldnt worry about using to heavy of a weight.