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Back Thickness Program?


HI everyone,

i've three weeks holiday, i want to improve my back thickness, which program you guys think will bring me maximum results?

i know CT have a program called "triple threat", that's focused on deadlift, anyone have tried that? do you think that's what i should try?

p.s. i don't have reverse hyper machine, and for safety reason, i don't do any goodmorning.

i'll post some of my back photos.


rear lat spread


rear relax


For overall back thickness, deadlifts.

For upper back development, CT's Big Back Stack.


Grab 2 Campbell's Tomatoe soup cans (1 in each hand) and just swing you arms back and forth horizontally like you are giving really fast hugs.

Do this for 3 hours a day and follow immediatley with a meal consisting of as much iceberg lettuce as you can afford (no dressing!).

You give me 3 weeks i give you a carear.


I've gotten great results putting beef on my back doing BB rows, band pull-aparts, and tons of heavy deadlifts in all different kinds of variations: RDLs, SLDLs, speed DLs, and just plain ol' heavy-assed deadlifts. Power cleans done for speed seem to tax the hell out of my back and after adding those I've grown a lot on my upper back and my spinal erectors


Dead, Shrug, Row . .1 variation of each, 3x/ week
10x 3, 6x6 and 4 x 12 respectively . .start again


I found that i gained a lot on my back after doing deadlifts, power cleans, snatches, clean & jerks.. They all cain your back pretty hard.

I did Art of Waterbury recently and I saw some considerable gains on my back.


i also read that also, but anyone of you tried CT's Big Back Stack and Triple Threat?

which one will bring faster result for back thickness?


Close grip pulls downs
Dumbell bent over rows
Close grip horizontal pulls




For overall mass and thickness this is the best thing I've done.

BB rows-5X 12,10,8,8,6-drop set
Superset with
Pullups-4X as many as possible

Very difficult and might have to use the assisted pullup machine. I add 2 more exercises to this for a full back workout but you can use this solo.


Triple Threat. Follow that up with Big Back Stack. That should give you an insane back.


Not a bad idea by "bear." I don't see why you can't continue the programs after your vacation time is up. You could also follow the other two with CT's Power Look program.

I feel that back thickness is also more visible as one becomes leaner in terms of the details that one can see, so keep that in mind whenever you choose to lean out. On a very muscular person, it is still evident from the rear even at higher BF percentages.

Look at DaFreak's in season and out of season pics and you can see that the thickness is still evident (particularly in the upper traps- because they stick out more) but much more impressive in his leaner state. Good luck and keep us posted.


this is my most muscular post, as you can see, my upper traps is not bad. may be too big compare to my delts.


As you already said, your neck is not bad.

So my advice would be, improve your weak points first. Why bother with something that is already nicely developed compared to other parts.
A lot of guys, who are only into curling and benching, have similar problems. Good Tits, solid arms but pathetic thighs and weak calves. Instead of working on their squat, they become obsessed to move more iron on the bench.
Which often won't lead to big gains in the long run.
For me, improving my weak points always had a good effect on my overall training.

Just a thought,


often the simpliest solution is also the best...


thanks for your input, but now i've a question, any method i can improve my back thickness, without building up my upper traps? CT's triple threat focused on Deadlift, that will build up my back thickness + upper traps...

any ideas?


Well, upper back thickness has alot to do with your lat size so perhaps you should do more bent over rows?