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Back Surgery


I herniated a disc in my mid back. When they did the MRI they found 9 other bulges. Next Wednesday I am going to have a calcified ligament cut out of my spinal column, two bulges cut and two of my vertebrae fused (T6&7). Due to the injury I have not been able to work out and have gained quite a bit of weight. My question is, has anyone had this type of injury? I know its rare. Are my days of lifting heavy (ish) weights over? Can I safely lift when I recover. The Dr(s) are really not much help when it comes to answering these questions. I am going crazy though. I use to have a pretty good physique, but now I look like a large blob. Any help would be great. I am reading Huge in a hurry and am wondering if that kind of lifting is possible for me?




you didn't say what the doctor said, did they tell you that you can lift?

also take some glucosomine.


Well he actually has not said so one way or the other. I am in law enforcement and he indicated I could most likely go back to work, which makes me assume that I can lift (some type of lifting things is a requirement of the job). I was wondering if anyone has had problems like this (although they tell me that my condition is like 1 in 1000 back injuries). I guess I am just hoping that my lifting days are not over.



BUY Alot of Glucosamine chondroitin, from ur local supplement department,take it, call your doctor and get a clear answer of what you can perform.


Also i look up to law enforcers, what's the requirement to joining? since your a civil servant your insurance covers physiotherapy?

find yourself a good physiotherapy and they should be able to give you a good answer to what you can or can't do, your spine is a delicate piece of work so i suggest you to look for one.

fused vertebrae is a sticky question though, some athletes like Tito Ortiz comeback fine from them, other times its a career ending injury, it really depends on how good your surgeon is.