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Back Surgery Rehab

Happy :turkey: day… so after exhausting all other other treatments, it looks like I’m going under the knife. I’ve been researching and I see for an L5/S1 fusion they put a cage where the bad disk was, pack it with bone or some similar material and then inject HGH to help fusion. So I’ve switched from generic hgh to a pharmaceutical hgh because I think this will make for a faster recovery. I had blood work done recently and my level is 5.5 ng/ml . This was taken about 3/4 hours after my daily dosage of 4iu . SubQ .I’m wondering after the surgery should I double up the dosage? I’m 51… also taking 250mg weekly pharmaceutical sust.
I appreciate your opinions…thanks.

From all the research I have done (A LOT), a beginner (recovering from spine surgery as we speak) only needs 2iu a day for the healing benefits. I’m not sure how efficacy goes down in terms of increasing dosage but I assume rather high convexity. Your tolerance is what I would research (I did not have to do this), how long you’ve been on it, etc. I believe you should not be taking sust prior to the surgery, if you were open about it some doctors/anesthesiologists would not operate. Finally, assuming you dont, but most surgeons wont operate on smokers, too many complications with a fusion - especially with the body accepting the rods.

What country are you in?

I would ask your doc about the steroid. I know most say cant be on it for surgery, but not sure about helping rods bind afterwards. If you search 256099336_Pharmacophysiology_of_bone_and_spinal_fusion on google it discusses the potential benefit.

Thanks a lot for your reply, that’s the kind of experienced input I was after… good to know about the sust…my surgery is scheduled for Jan 4 …so not long… I have no other test on hand, but could have in a week…would cyp be better? On hand I have…hgh(pharmaceutical)
Proviron,anavar,turnabol and halo. Of course I would never take any of these orals unless it was a scientific fact that they helped in some way. Thanks again.

I’m in USA

Feel free to PM me, i may have a question or too as well!

And to respond, there haven’t been any notable studies with test/steroids post op for fusions. Some low test + hgh for less invasive/no bond studies though. personally I would do nothing to compromise a potential failure of the binding working if I was in your shoes. No way to risk it.

HGH at a low dose seems like the only safe thing. The more variables the worse generally. I know people recommend deca but it may actually have adverse effects, big no no. And no PCT is necessary for HGH (in most cases, unless somehow you stop producing yourself).