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Back Strengthening Routine After Strain


Last year I received a muscle strain in my mid-upper back due to overloading with undiagnosed scoliosis. I have gotten to the point where I feel well enough to slowly start lifting and in my opinion it is helping relieve what discomfort I have left. My current program which I do 3x a week:

Deadlift 3x5 (about 40-50% of my max for 3x5)
Seated rowing machine 5x5
Hyperextensions 3x12
Face pulls 3x12
--Ab work here which I haven't decided on--

I know for gaining mass the important principles are progressive overload, big compound lifts, etc. Is there an equivalent of this for rehabilitation programs? Also, does anyone else have any back exercises they'd recommend? (Muscle in question is a left erector, begins at my bottom rib and goes most of the way up my thoracic spine).



Bear hug a heavy DB/ sandbag and walk. Really works the entire erectors/lower back region and something i used to rehab my lower back

Good Luck


I’m no doctor, but it sounds like you strain was caused by your asymmetry. Your left side did more work than your right side.

I would just do some 1 arm stuff during your warm up. Try some 1 arm pull downs and 1 arm rows. Concentrate on moving the same way on both sides. Keep your shoulders level, and focus on your positioning.
Just do a few sets to make sure you are “square” before you get to big barbell lifts.

You might try a couple single leg curls Before deadlifts for the same reason.


I know you mentioned Ab work as something to figure out - dont skimp on the core execises particularly when rehabing a back injury. Alot of them are body weight oriented so you can do them even on days off from teh gym.

sit ups
side bends etc