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Back Strength

Last night I was doing board presses and I was working up to a 1rm, and when I got to 265. The bar seemed like it was 900lbs on the was down, and on the way up I almost tore out both shoulders…Do you guys think this could be because my lat need to be stronger? As a side note I can do 20-25 dips and only about 10 pull ups. Does that mean my back isnt as strong as my chest/tri’s?

Maybe it is your set-up.

It’s really hard to comment on your back strenght from what little you have said. I don’t know what you meant or what you felt when you said you “almost tore” both shoulders on the way up.

It would be easier to use a full range bench press to determine if back strength was a limiting factor, as opposed to board presses.

One thing I will say is, if you question your back strength, then you’re probably on to something.

Give us a lat spread pic,

sorry if my post was a little vauge , but what i ment was that the bar felt heavy on the way down, and I heard Dave Tate say that this is a lat strength problem. On the way up my shoulders really hurt, right around the front deltoid area. Might is be a rotator cuff issue?