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Back Strain Recovery

I had a bout with lower back strain on Monday (3rd set of squats, not even close to my 5 RM!). This is something I have gotten since i was 12, once or twice per year.

A quick trip to a chiropractor friend to get electro (TENS) thereapy, heat, and adjustment x’s 2 got me walking and bending again with less discomfort.

Today the pain level is about a 2 on a 10 scale, and I can finally tie my shoes first thing in the morning (had to wait until moving around for a few hours before i could bend over on previous days. So clearly mobilization is helping this condition.

Obviously my lower body workout has suffered all week, and it will be a while before I attempt max on squats / deads. But Iwas thinking about incorporating a mild ‘rehabilitation’ program into my workout.

I’m thinking:

light dumbell deadlifts (maybe 90LBS) after a warmup of no weight bends.

And doing 1 set of bar only squats followed by something like a few sets at 135.

Anyone knowledgable / experienced in this aspect care to comment?

Try split squats until the injury heals and you want to squat again. Chances are good you will be able to have very effective loading on your legs with little or no aggravation on the back injury.

Try very light stiff legged deadlifts for rehabilitation and slowly build up the weight and when you feel ready add reverse hypers and regular hyperextensions on your way back to squats and all out training.

Their is a fine line between resting an injury too little and rehabilitating it too slowly for maximum healing.

Good luck.