Back Strain in Bottom of Low Bar Squat

I’ve had a sudden, intense pain in the mid/lower back at the bottom of the squat three days ago.
I’m barely able to walk right now, I can’t sneeze because it feels like my back’s gonna pop if I do.
Can you help me identify whether it’s a problem with the spine or a muscle strain ?
Before you tell me to get it checked by a professional, I live in a third world country and I actually trust people in this forum more than “doctors”…

Is the pain centered on the spine?
Or is it slightly to one side or the other?

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It’s on both sides, sometimes left side hurts more sometimes it’s reversed.

If it were one side or the other it could be just an SI joint concern.
I don’t like that is on both sides and wouldn’t feel good making any kind of layman remedy. Maybe your next move is to see if rest helps.

While you are resting I would recommend walking with long strides on level ground fairly often. You don’t have to do this like cardio, but just to help realign the hip girdle if it might be slightly misaligned. Don’t lie in bed for extended periods of time if you can help it. Monitor your pain.

Of course, optimally, you should have it diagnosed by a good spine physician.

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Does the pain radiate (i.e. does it hurt in your butt or legs) or is it completely local to your lower back?

How is your bladder/ bowel control?

Does laying flat on the floor with legs raised help or do nothing?

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It hurts at the top of my butt but not the legs.
Bladder/bowel control is fine.
Raising legs does nothing.

That’s all good! It’s likely less of an emergency than I’d feared based on my own experiences (I’m not a doctor and don’t have any ability to diagnose you).

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It is good news that you have no referred pain into your legs. You might not have a slipped disc, and I do ONLY mean might not.

It could be an SI joint issue, but I don’t know of any bilateral SI joint injuries. I would still take long stride walks. Maybe google stretches for SI joint problems. From my experience no real pain is associated with the exercises (or adjustments) for SI problems. So if you feel pain, you could have a real spine problem. Please proceed with caution until you can get professional help.


I actually went to see a doctor who only spent 10 mins on me just to prescribe me meds, tell me to rest for 10 days and come back to see him again. Charged me the equivalent of 30$ (which is a lot here, minimum monthly wage is 300$).
I have more pain in the mid back than in the lower back.
I feel worst in the morning, noticeably better as the day goes on.
Overall things are better than when I just got injured.

My first guess is that the middle back pain was caused by straining the muscles. That pain, if it is strain, will dissipate fairly soon, like a couple weeks, unless you were off balance and had to catch yourself abruptly. Then it might take a little longer.

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I think the same too. I just freaked out at the start because it hurt so much AND I already have a slight hernia in the same area (D4 i think). I was so afraid the disc had slipped further.
Thank you so much for your assistance :slight_smile:

Sounds like quadratus lumborum irritation. Google “QL release,” and you should see how to do it.