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Back Strain and Ibuprofen

I hurt my back further friday squatting heavy, shouldn’t have even been squating since I tweaked it earlier on in the week. Anyway I beleive I strained the left paraspinal muscles of my back, and now I have reduced mobility and pain in that area. My question is, should I being taking ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation, or does this just hide the pain? The pain is not that bad that I need pills, but currently I am taking a 1000mg a spread throughout the day.

I have written articles on the use of aspirin and similar drugs and on the role of inflammation in the healing process that I would be happy to share with you if interested.



Sure, I’d love to read up on some of your articles - are they on this site somewhere?

I understand the inflammation process to be absolutly necessary in the acute state of an injury, cleans up the mess created by the trauma if you will.

No, they are on various site on the net, but I can’t post the links. PM me and I can send them to you.

I believe the ibuprofen is o.k. and will help decrease any inflammation. From what you stated in your post, it does not sound like you injury is severe. However, I would still advise that you have someone; MD, PT or other healthcare professional, examine your back to get an accurate diagnosis and help prevent further injury. The reason why I suggest this is because most of the patients I treat that have back pain have had many minor injuries that eventually led to major problems. It will be easier to correct your problem and prevent any further injury now rather than wait until something worse happens. As the saying goes “an ounce of prevention…” Hope that helps.