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Back Squatting Once a Week

Does anyone know a good program for squatting once a week?

I’m running the Coan deadlift cycle on Saturdays and I can’t afford more volume. I’ve never squatted less than twice a week, so I’m not sure what adjustments are good.

how about a simple 8,12,or 16 week peeking-type cycle . the light sets at the beginning of that type of cycle might fit perfectly with a DL specialisation program ; just enough to retain form .

Why not find Coan’s Squat Routine and do it as well?

Well the thing I was worried about with that was, Coan designed the deadlift cycle for another lifter, and a lot of people have used that effectively, but the squat routine was something Coan himself used right?

What I mean is, I’d be a little apprehensive about trying to train like I’m Ed Coan.

I’d definitely check out this squat cycle though

[quote]actionjeff wrote:
What I mean is, I’d be a little apprehensive about trying to train like I’m Ed Coan.

That sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

Or you could do 5X5 with 2 Warm-up sets of 5 and 3 working sets of 5. Or any number of ways to do it.

Or you could show some balls and do 20-rep Squats on your Squat Day.

you could try a simple block wave like Wk1 5/3/75% ,wk2 5/2/80% , Wk3 5/3/80% , Wk4 4-5/2/85% repeat .
I did something similar to this, this summer when I was real busy and it worked fine for me. It is basically just a cut and paste from sheiko with the 2nd squats cut out . It allows you to work in your strength range, but not push it to hard .

I like that a LOT. I think that’s what I’m gonna do unless something brilliant turns up. thanks

Action Jeff- I would be a little apprehensive to use 2 different programs, probably written with different goals, volumes, and general organizational patterns.

I think the biggest mistake by a lot of lifters is to use “Joe’s squat workout” and “mike’s deadlift program” and “billy’s bench protocol”

I would look at the volume of the dead program and see what type of recovery and everything would be needed, and then design a squat program around it, not along with it.