Back Squatted for First Time! Humbling...

Today was the first time I have ever truely squatted, despite lifting weights on and off since high school (20 years!). I know, I know. I expect to get made fun of. That’s ok. I sort of have a reason. My shoulder flexibilty has always sucked. I could never get the bar on my traps properly.

So instead of working on mobility, I would just do the leg press (which I rarely did anyway). I have returned to weight training recently, and tried to do front squats, dumbell squats or zercher squats instead. What I have found is this:

There is no substitute.

I know my form sucked, but I was completely humbled by how weak I was. It was a disgrace. Considering that I look fairly athletic (5’11", 180) and I guess my upper body strength is decent (bench 255x3, OHP: 115x5, 13 strict chin ups).

I still can’t hold the bar right (my hands rest where the weights end on the bar), but at least I can do them. I also got these amazing cramps in my hamstrings. I did 5 sets and I submitted.

Anyone in a similar position? I always knew my legs were “weak”, but this is crazy. Feel free to berate me. I hope the experienced, big dudes don’t see this!

just wait until tomorrow when you try to get up off the toilet…:slight_smile: .

the day after my first time went like this …at work ( CNC oper.) , and I drop my $120 caliper on the floor . no lie , I just wanted to kick it under the machine and buy a new caliper…haha

Just keep working on that shoulder mobility. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, just focus on the now.

On another note, your overhead press seems to be pretty far behind your bench. It’s always been a weaker lift (relative to my bench) for me as well. What I’ve notice is that if I take a thumbless grip, and try to press back as I press up it tracks a lot better and I’m much stronger. As you press, tilt your chin up and try to move the bar back, just narrowly missing your nose. Might be something to try out.

It’s funny that you mention the OHP. Before I was doing seated smith machine military press and I thought shoulders were my strong point. I could work up to 195, 205 on a good day for low reps. But the standing OHP is a whole different animal (like the back squat).