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Back Squats vs Front Squats

Hi Coach,

I’ve tried doing upper body routines the last few years as I’ve had a foot injury which didn’t allow lower body training for me. I didn’t make much progress but I’ve recovered though and been doing front squats the last year and noticed that my whole body has grown from them. I’ve put on about 5kg, not all muscle, and people are a bit shocked by my transformation when they haven’t seen me I’m a while. I do the front squats fairly slow tempo, and got from 27.5kg by 5 to 50kg by 10 in 6 months (bodyweight 70kg to 75kg). The only other new thing I was doing was power cleans but even though I caught and lowered every rep I wouldn’t think they made much difference. I’ve read that the back squat is put up on a pedestal as a mass builder without peer. Would I have made more progress doing back squats?
I’ve always been mindful of you article not to switch about key exercise too much so that’s why I’m hesitant to replace an exercise I’ve made a lot of progress on.

Kind regards,

ah I getcha Chris, squats are squats