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Back Squat Rounding Lower Back


Hello guys,
I started doing Back Squats again, but I noticed that my lower back rounds at the bottom of the movement. as a way to correct this i read about stretching the hamstrings. im stretching and stretching but it still won't work. I have uploaded a video for you all to see.
thanks in advance!


one thing that would help would be to really concentrate on pulling your shoulder blades together which will help to keep your chest up and out. this tip really helped me when i was having this problem. also, to help keep more upright you should drive your head backwards into the bar.

Some great videos and articles on technique can be found on the EFS website

Also work on you core (lower back and ab) strength.


Youre not sitting back. Youre almost halfway sitting back but then falling forward. Dont bend your knees until you absolutely have to. Stick your ass out, back and down.

Hope that makes sense


Yep, sit back as much as possible. You should aim to stretch the fuck out of your hamstrings WHILE lowering into the hole, ie. you should feel most of the tension in your hamstring-glute tie in during a proper squat. Focus on loading the hips while descending. To do this people often use the "spread the floor with your feet" cue.


Thank you very much guys I will do this today and film my attempts.


So I tried it again today with leaning back more. Is this how you guys meant it? I am now noticing that my knees aren't so far in the front anymore but my back still rounds. Leaning back more is not possible for me because I would fall backwards haha. I also did them without the bar on my back. Then its easier for me to go deeper but my back still rounds. oh and I also tried pulling my shoulder blades toegether more and recording in T-Shirt so that you could see my form a bit better.
Here's the video:


Try doing box squats for awhile.

Again, keep your head up! Stay tight in all four directions in your back and push from your heels.

Putting some weight on the bar, might actually help "force" you to maintain better position.

In the very bottom of your squat, you have a bit of what is called a "butt wink." That I really think is coming from not being tight in your body, however, for now I wouldn't go below parallel till you get the box squat narrowed down.

Check out the Squat RX vids on YouTube.


I can't really explain it to you but my form looked the same until I learned how to load my hips all the way into the hole, but it's kind of a feel thing that you can't learn over the internet.

Anyways keep reading and watching videos wile tweaking your form and stretching, don't give up.


Angle your toes out and push your knees out(where your feet point, your knees will follow)

Keep your head and chest up instead of slouching forward like you are

Try using a wider stance

Load some weight on the bar to help with balance

Take a deep breath into your belly before each rep

Look as "fat" as possible by sticking your ass backwards and belly forwards

Don't be afraid of letting your knees drift forwards when you use a somewhat narrow stance like you are, the important part is to keep your heels on the ground throughout the movement

Practice squats every day, with and without the bar, pausing for a few seconds at the bottom of each rep, holding your breath, and trying all of the above tips.

All of these things^^^ should help you.


the Squat Rx Videos are so awesome. they gave me many opportunities to work on my squat. I will also try box squats while working on my full squat. for me it is unfortunately not possible to use a wider stance due to my hip placement which causes the annoying Snapping Hip Syndrome. well, I can use a wider stance but when I squat down when having my legs this far apart it hurts in my hip joint. I can't even learn the splits and my doc said he wouldn't advise me learning such things. I hope my limited hip range of motion won't interfere with learning a proper squat.
thanks for the other tips I will keep practicing them everyday and will not down my accomplishments here.


not wanting to hijack but, everytime i try this it hurts the right side of my lower back and pelvis region. seems to happen when i just finished a squat(finishing the movement, at the top) and also as i'm lowering the weight down.

it hurts like a muscle thing(not electric shocks and stuff) and everytime i try to stick my ass backwards it just starts to hurt and my ass just involuntarily jerks forward(when i try to push my ass back it hurts and i can't). H4M you have any experience with this? is this just inflexibility or some other underlying problem here


You should post a vid in a new thread. Its most likely a form issue that can be corrected.



A vid would definitely help, I THINK I know what you're talking about in the pelvic region, and who knows with the lower back....lack of flexibility, strained muscles, imbalances, spinal issues, improper form....hard to know. But for sure a vid of you squatting with at least moderate weight would help heaps.


Drive your elbows up, helped me out quite a bit when i first started squatting.


Do these every day and work on getting yourself as upright as possible gradually every day.


^^^^this will certainly help you


this exercise looks awesome


It might sound strange, but in the first video your calves look a little tight. Make sure they're warm and stretched before you squat and you should find hitting depth a lot easier. In the second video it looks a bit like you're bending at the hips faster than at the knees.

All of the advice here is top notch too.