Back Squat, Not Front Squat, on Power Look Program?

Hey christian, maybe you already got this question but i would like to know if i can use back squat and not front squat in your powerlook program ?

You can, of course the assistance exercises might need to be different. Remember in that program the assistance exercises are there to make the main lift go up. If your weakness in the squat are your quads then the assistance exercises should be fine. But if it’s the posterior chain other movements might need to be used.

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Is the powerlook good for a type 2b ?

Honestly, no. A 2B will be able to handle the first phase pretty well, but will likely crash during the last two phases because his nervous system will take a lot longer to recover from heavy work. For that reason they can have some form of heavy lifting only twice a week and ideally followed by a day off.

What is your suggestion for a type 2b who like powerlifting ?

Using the strength-skill approach for the big lifts (not unlike the first phase of the power look plan) to improve neural efficiency on the big lifts; and build strength by focusing on making the key muscles in the powerlifts bigger, likely with work in the 6-8 reps range (sometimes 4-6).

Strength-skill refers to doing a fairly high number of sets of 3-5 reps NOT to failure or close to it (something like an RPE of 7 or 8 at the most) in the 75-85% zone.

You would go to the 90%+ zone for around 3 weeks (out of a 12 weeks plan) but you would only lift in that range twice a week (e.g. one upper body day and one lower body day). Something like:

Week 10: Sets of 3 at 90%
Week 11: Sets of 2 at 95%
Week 12: Ramp to 1RM

Not too dissimilar to “Optimal Strength Training for The Natural Athlete” on Thibarmy.

Great info ! Thanks sir !

I set bench and deadlift PR’s after running this program coming back from a minor knee injury. Great program if you have 5-6 days/week to get to the gym!

Impossible for me to get 5-6 times a week to the gym, i crash so fast

Yeah 2Bs should train 4, maybe 5 times a week

Im going for 4 days, thats the better way i found to recover well, it piss me off because i would like to be able to train more often but i always crash after 3-4 weeks if i start overdoing thing ! Do you have a topic or a page i can see all the particularity of the 2b ?