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Back Squat Form


a few days ago i was back squatting and my coach says that my hips arent in the correct position and its putting unnecessary stress on my back. when i back squat i get my air then i squat like im sitting back onto a chair or something then bounce back up. my coach on the underhand says that i should push my hips forward as i squat up. my squat is terribly weak so im interested in any suggestions from anybody out there and any tips to help me understand the correct hip position? im tempted to ignore her and just keep squatting hard but i want to be safe too


If you're doing high bar Oly squats, then your coach is correct!! You should be squatting up by squeezing your glutes and pushing your hips forward, leading with your chest!!


Yeah, Oly squat technique is markedly different from PL or general strength style squatting, so she may be correct. For Oly work, you want the torso as vertical as possible because this means you are in better position to catch the weight.

It's hard to understand, but a starting point may be this: get a moderately heavy dumbbell and hold it in front of you, then do a goblet squat, making sure to keep your chest up and high. Sit in the bottom and notice the position you're in. When you come up the chest stays absolutely high.

I haven't seen you so I dunno if this will help or not.