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Back Squat Form Correction


Hello To Everyone!

Yesterday I decided to try back squats. However I'm not very confident if my form is ok. Here is a video that I've originally posted on dragon door where I got mixed opinions. That's why I decided to post here in order to get more information. I apologize about the video quality. I have a very poor camera. Also the data stamp is wrong the video is from yesterday. Any advice from more experienced lifters is welcome. Thank you once again for your support. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U_4Jm5BE7I

P.S. The video won't be deleted from youtube because while I was looking for similar videos they were deleted once the mistakes were corrected which is somewhat pointless because other beginner can't benefit.


Depth is good. Form seems to be pretty good, but with such a light weight it's hard to tell what it'll be like on your working sets. (assuming this isn't a working set). Looks like you could get alot tighter in your upper back though. Loving the hair.


Decent form, good depth...Watch your pelvic tilt at the bottom though, you should work on some hip mobility in order to prevent any lower back problems when using a heavier weight. Rockin' the white boy afro though, gotta love it.


pull your elbows under the bar, this will help with heavier weights


Thank you all for the support I will keep on training. Tomorrow I will try squat with heavier weight.

Thank you.


Keep on sitting back more, you start the squat by pushing your hips back, which is great, but keep doing that, don't just push back and then sit down. Your knees are traveling too far. Make sure you have an arch in you back, you look pretty flexible so it shouldnt be a problem. Also push your head BACK into the bar.

Like said before, put more weight on the bar so we can really see your form.