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Back Squat Form Check

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been afraid of Back squatting for a while after an injury in my left calves. Pain triggering when going in the bottom of the squat. It was when I was squatting 4x times a week doing olympic weighlifting.

I tried to re-squat and felt fine ! I did reduce my range of motion a little to avoid triggering the pain again.

Would you say that this a deep enough squat :

Any insight on technic and what I could correct ? It was an heavy single so I did slow down obviously but this is the only one I have on video …

I am particulary afraid of not going deep enough since I was used to always squat ass to grass. But since it destroy my calves, better be reasonnable.

Thanks !

Deep enough. That’s all I’m qualified to say.

Depth looks fine from here. Only hint is to have your spotter behind you if you truly need one. If you know how to (and are OK with) dump the bar, make sure the area around you is clear enough to do so without hitting other stuff on the floor and make sure your spotter stays away.

Check out mine (and many other’s) comments in this thread, specifically regarding getting your elbows under the bar. Overall your form looks pretty good, knee and hip joint angles match up well (i.e. you don’t good morning your squat), don’t really see any left/right shifting (although not the best angle), and depth looks good while still keeping the lumbar spine locked in.

However, elbows pop up on the way up, which causes you to push the bar forward. Getting your elbows under more will help with “pushing the weight back”. Do you ever feel like the weight shifts forward more onto your toes than your heels? Getting elbows under will fix that.