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Back Squat Form Check Please


from the video i cant seem to hit depth, what can i do to change this?
And one more thing if i go wider in my squat my hips start to hurt (same with pulling sumo), is this a mobility issue and what can i do to fix this?


Hey, I think your knees are tracking to far forward, looks like you need to sit back a little farther. Work on mobility before your squat workouts such as squatting deep and pushing knees apart with elbows and get in a lunge position on floor with one knee on floor and one leg at 90 degrees in front of you and rock back and forth in that position for both legs. Hope this helps


Ok thanks for the advice, I’ll try out more mobility work and I’ve noticed when doing fire hydrants I would get this weird muscle pulling/spasm in my hip… I’m guessing it’s a symptom of weak hips


As newfielifter said, your knees seem to travel too far forward especially considering the angle of your feet. Also you don’t seem to utilize your hips at all. Forcing your knees out instead of activating your hips, sitting back and “opening your taint” like Ed Coan cues makes it very difficult to hit depth. Check out the how to skwaat video with Ed Coan from Supertraining on Youtube. It has a lot of info on this matter.


That bar is way too low for that stance I think, that’s why your knees track too far forward and you literally, mechanically, can’t go any lower, you have no room. If you look at the vid when you’re in the hole, picture your body staying exactly where it is, but your feet and tibias shifting out, that’s essentially what you want to do.

You can either put the bar higher or switch to high bar


Get a wider stance and sit back more.

I would suggest the latter because either way you have to make your hips more efficient when squatting. From my experience, hip mobility is EVERYTHING in any sport, once you open your hips up you’re like Superman.

I would suggest box squats with a stance a bit wider than what’s in the video, just to learn to sit back. Keep doing mobility drills everyday and get wider as you go along. That’s not to say you have to transition to a full on Louie Simmon’s squat, but you have to have a very good balance between hips and quads.

Also notice that your heels are elevating at the bottom, learn how to drive through the heel, I would even recommend you do box squats with your toes off the floor (not heavy obviously) or maybe even try squatting in flat shoes.