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Back Squat Alternatives?


I have been doing Stronglifts for almost two months. I really like this program but squats are gettint too heavy to do them without a squat rack. I'm thinking of doing power clean+front squats or sumo deadlifts instead of back squats. What do you think?

Thank you.


Join a gym that has a rack. And you can call it "Squat".


I will try to do that but while im looking for a new gym i'd like to continue with Stronglifts. So what do you think is better to do instead of squats? Sumo deadlift or front squats?


You cant do stronglifts or ripptoe without doing squats. Bar behind your back, in a power rack. That has been my experience. Ive tried with front squats, it doesnt work


And is there any beginner strenght program that doesn't include squats? I really want to keep getting strong while i'm trying to find a new gym.


For now in place of squats just do Rear Foot Elevated squats like in ben bruno's recent article. They will definitely keep your legs strong until you get in a gym with a power rack.you can also do them holding the heaviest dumbbell you have in a goblet position. here is a video http://www.youtube.com/user/bruno082985#p/u/11/LEBhQL1ntVo


whoops let me try that again http://youtu.be/LEBhQL1ntVo


Build a rack.

Indoor: http://twobargarage.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/squatrack1.jpg

Outdoor: http://tsampa.org/training/toffesgym/front_squat.jpg


I guess i could try Rear Foot Elevated but the heavyest dumbells available at my gym are 25 kg. Plus i dont have enough space to build a rack. At the moment i can only use equipment from my gym.

So my options are Zercher Squat, Powerclean + Front Squat and Sumo deadlift. What do you think is the best alternative to regular squat?

Thank you for the help.


-build a rack
-one legged squats (not preferable)
-steinborn lift (most alpha)


bigbird, thank you! i have never seen that steinborn lift before, and it looks awesome! seriously i think my Test levels just went up just by watching that video. although my gym has a rack already i might try these just so people know how fuckin nuts i am haha


welcome. it looks pretty hard but it would probably be fun to try. i have no idea how much weight the guy is doing in the vid but it probably takes a lot of core strength. dont pull anything lol


Front squats and Regular squats at much higher reps, like 20-30 if getting the bar in position without a rack is the limiting factor. That will buy you some time but look for a better solution in the long term.


Rear foot elevated squat with the bar in a traditional back-squat position is a good option for you too. Someone already posted a link to the recent article, but give them a shot. Since it is kind of a single leg option, the weight needed will not be too much to get to your back via a clean and push press.

Elevate the front foot a little as well (also mentioned in the article) to get a little more ROM. Another option would be a lumberjack squat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUy5y62yJPc
You can do it without a landmine, just shove one end of the barbell into a corner, and load up the other end.


What is a "Back Squat?" I have never heard of this exercise.


walk up to gym manager and tell them they are a pussy and to get you a squat rack. Please do not tell me you train at planet fitness?


are you locked into a contract at your gym?

if not, what does 'looking for a gym' really mean? you keep talking about it like you can't get the names of ones in the area online, call them, and then visit the remaining contenders to find the cheapest/best option within one night after work.


"Looking for a gym" could mean "looking for an excuse not to squat."


i think you should do your squats. if you get pinned someone will probably help you.


There is no substitute. You don't do split squats, front squats, or power cleans at a powerlifting meet. Either get to a gym with a rack or never gat any stronger than you are right now.