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Back Spasms or Something Worse

I wanted to get a general idea of what you experts think about this injury. I was doing a workout that consists of power cleans (3x5), followed by deadlifts 2x2 at submaximal weight. I did feel my form start to fail at the top of my last pull on the deadlift, but nothing grotesque. I then finished the workout with 3 sets of GHRs with 70 pounds, and then a standing row variation from a low-row machine. Everything was fine until my muscles started to cool down, and then I was in serious pain. I felt a pinching in my glute (like a nerve problem) for the next day or so, and my upper and lower back were really sore and spasming. I also had tingling in my left foot.All of the tingling has gone away after a couple of days and now my back is just SORE. I have been lifting since I was 16 (am 42 now), and have rehab’d a bulging disk between my L4/L5. So I don’t think I did anything terrible. Have y’all ever had the tingling and pinching after doing heavy lifts?