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Back Spasm after Squatting

I know that this has been previously posted in other contexts, although I am still left with some lingering questions.

So I finish a set of squats and everything is ok. I am moving the bar and putting weights on it to do deadlifts and my lower left back spasms. I have read on this forum that this could be due to a herniated disc. When should you see a chiro? Should I continue lifting if pain subsides?

Are you doing any foam rolling? Or any kind of mobility work? What does your warm-up routine look like?

The spasm that you feel may be a result of many different things. The fix could be as simple as some extra mobility work, or it could be more complicated.

If you don’t foam roll, I would suggest to begin doing that. If you’re already doing it, then you might need to have someone else with a trained eye look at it.

Going to see a physician would be a good place to start. The very last place I would like to be diagnosed is an internet message board. Just my opinion of course…

Are you really getting a ‘second opinion’ on a different section in the forums?

Nonetheless, solid advice given above.