Back soreness

After a back workout, are your back muscles typically sore? Mine are always slightly sore at best. In contrast, my chest, triceps, and legs are almost always sore. Biceps and shoulders aren’t as sore but that is to be expected.

But in high school, my back used to KILL after a tough back workout, but these days I go nuts in the gym and nothing happens the day after.

My back workout is:
4 sets pullups
4 sets lat pulldowns
4 sets bent-over rows
4 sets seated rows

Each set is done with progressively increased weight. Rep range begin around 12 and end around 6-8 by the last set.

i avoid soreness at all costs. I can punch you in the face and i guarantee that you will be sore but what does being sore have to do with gaining strength or size.

Just remember that soreness is not an indication of muscle growth or progress. To quote Charles Staley “If you want your arms to be sore, then I could always run over your arms with my car- That would get you sore”(He said this but this is not his exact quote). Progress is a better indication of muscle growth or strength gains. But to answer you question, it depends. If I’m just starting a new workout then I get sore. After a few weeks I stop getting sore but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting any gains out of it anymore.

I agree. I alter my lifting parameters every four weeks or so, but only get sore during the first week of a new routine. After that I feel very little soreness, but the progress speaks for itself. Don’t equate soreness with productivity. If you’re making progress just march on.

Do something else.


What the others have said, plus why not consider changing things up a little more regularily? Change the exercises you do, the order, tempo etc and if that doesn’t create some soreness…

Where are the deadlifts?