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Back sore from doing Dips??

Yesterday I decided to switch up my triceps workout to include dips. For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing mostly dumbell triceps extensions (unilateral) and pressdowns on the cable tower. Yesterday I did dips (bodyweight only) and standing barbell extensions.

Now, although I did get a pretty good triceps workout (my triceps are really sore right now), my upper back is quite sore as well. I didn’t workout over the weekend, so my back and triceps should have had plenty of time to rest since my last triceps and back workouts.

I’m guessing it must have been my form on the dips, but I don’t know; I tried pretty damn hard to do perfect my form while doing them. Just wondering, anyone else encounter this problem or know what’s wrong with my form?

I’m betting it is the standing barbell extensions, actually. Primarily due to the stabilization of the load while standing.

But I say that because I’ve never received a hint of stimulation in the back from dips. :wink:

I think you’re wrong. i think you’re back is probably sore from the standing extensions. standing extensions require a lot of stabilization especially through the upper back area and it was probably a shock for your body to do them again. i wouldn’t worry about it much if i was you. if you do the same workout again your back probably won’t even be sore because your body will not be shocked by the exercise.

Where u workin back and tris on the same day? I have done dips alot and never experienced that. Was your body vertical while doing your dips or was leaning forward? If you were leaning to far forward I can see were you might have brought your back into play,but leaning forward usually is good for a chest and tri workout.