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Back Sliding on Slippery Benches, Solutions?


At my gym, it's a run of the mill 24/7 gym, but the racks are available at lunch time every day, so I keep going.

The benches are slippery, it's hard to get planted for benching. We can't use chalk, so I'm trying to figure out ways to "stick" to the bench and was wondering if anyone else runs into this.

One thing I was going to try was placing a rubber band on the bench where my traps would go. My shirt will grab that, and the band will grab the bench, but I'm not sure how the extra few millimeters will feel being off the bench.

We can use liquid chalk, so maybe put some of that on the bench itself, then clean it off when done.

I've also worn a tank top, skin on the bench works better, but you get sweaty, then it's almost worse.

What do you guys do?


I have the same problem at my gym, get two bands that are long enough and secure them long ways to the bench.


This. Generally I'll use 2x elite fts orange bands ( lengthwise from head to tail of the bench )


Garbage, I tried this today, but I didn't read the "longways". I put it on the bench, and it slid all around, duh, my bad.

next time I'll try length wise. I do know they don't have 2 of the same band though.


One band may be enough. As long as the bands aren't a different thickness by half an inch you'll be fine.


Maybe this could help.


Something that's definitely worth a shot is to wear a shirt with some sort of lettering on the upper back


That's genius. I've been tying a band short ways where my traps sit - which has been working well enough.

The best thing I've come across is using those occlusion training bands short ways where your traps sit. They're about two inch wide, thin rubber bands that are pretty stretchy and almost stick to each other.


I've been using the same $3 shelf liner for years now. Works great.


I have found that a little moisture will make the vinyl more grippy.


Shelf liner and bathmat, wonderful ideas!