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Back, Shoulders and Chest Quick Question


In my time reading the articles on this site I realised the other day that I believe the following statement:

"The back and shoulder muscles respond well to lighter weights but with extended sets of around 12 reps while the chest muscles respond best to a lower rep range but with heavier weights"

I can't track the articles I read to formulate this little summary but I'm not sure if it is correct. Could anyone help me with clarifying if this is true or not?


It...really depends. There's no concrete answer for your question, muscles respond best with heavy weight and good mind muscle connection.

I would put this as one of those things that you will figure out as you progress. I rarely see people making good progress worrying about rep ranges.


All muscle groups like all rep ramges and loads man.


Fair enough. I'll just lift weights and mix it up every now and then.


You BELEIVE this? But your not sure if it is correct?

Don't base your opinions so heavily just on the articles you read here (or anywhere else for that matter).

You should only beleive the things which you have experienced yourself to work and seen other successful people use. If you really beleive in something in that way then it doesnt particularly matter if other people think it is "correct".

Is this strategy woking for you? if so then stick with it.


I have to agree...but I would also bet most of the readers here fall into that trap of thinking what they read is more important than what they are actually doing that works.

I think what would be hilarious is an actual meeting of all of the posters on this site. I am guessing there would be much less debate when you can't argue against results.


Party at Profs house.


I've always kinda followed tom platt's advice of heavy weight AND high reps. i've seen really good shoulder growth using john meadow's stuff like heavy dumbbell lateral swings for 30+ reps. its the same thing with squats. doing breathing squats (heavy weight for 20+ reps) kicks your ass.

but in general, find something that works for you and stick with it until it doesnt work anymore. then switch it up.


It comes down to what is actually working for you, not what someone else endorses. Platz stood out because of his high volume for legs....which should tell you something since many others didn't take the same approach.

It worked for him....almost to his own detriment.

My shoulders are what most comment on and I do not use high reps. I do go fairly heavy....doing more weight than most on side laterals...and it shows.

I don't see anyone who can side raise more than 60lbs with 'decent' form who has small delts.

Get stronger and train them often. That is what will make them pop out.


YOU HAVE TO DO PENDLAY ROWS (preferably 5x5)
If Yates had, he would have had a better back lol http://stronglifts.com/how-to-master-barbell-row-technique/

Looking sick now prof, good v taper, getting leaner too, nice work