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Back\Shoulder Stretches

I have come back one again for help.

When Squating and dead lifting I feel a lot of strain and discomfort in my Back and shoulders… not burn it feels like a distinct difference. I know for a fact my shoulders are very stiff (God Dam computer!) and my back is probably not that good so I think I should start doing some stretches to try and make it a little more comfortable.

any Suggestions? Actually any suggestions for stretches for any body part is appreciated but not necessary

The Damn computer will do just the opposite.
It will cause weak, overstretched and lazy muscles in the shoulders and upper back. Also shortend (tight) muscles in the front of the shoulders and pecs and internally rotated humerous.

Can you post pics or a video.


I would but my camera Charger is missed atm ><

anu suggestions for working on the screwed up stuff?..

The top of the shoulders are solid as a rock :S

Deconstructing the computer guy Part I and II

You probably just need to be doing a lot more rowing than pressing. Try throwing in some facepulls and palms up seated cable rows in addition to whatever back work you’re doing. Both should help strengthen those external rotators and get your back fired up.

Other than that, you really need to focus on keeping that upper back SUPER tight throughout the squat movement. That means you pull your scaps back HARD and depress them(think trying to make you shoulders go down) hard too. Experiment and find a bar placement that works well.

Some excellent videos that help troubleshoot the squat:

Good luck!

thanks boyscot, Ill try it and see what happens.