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back/shoulder range of motion

I’ve been thinking about adding snatches to my workout, but I’ve been unable to get the form down because of my inability to extend my arms fully upward in order to keep myself from falling. I can’t balance because i cant keep the weight over my head.

In the third picture in the link above, you can see how outstretched his arms are as he does a snatch. He’s almost holding the weight behind his head rather than directly above it. I could probably manage to stretch that far, but not very easily, and not for long enough to complete a rep without killing myself.

The REAL problem is I dont know how to deal with it. I am not familiar with any stretches that would increase flexibility in that position, nor am I even sure it is that is tight.

I’ve never been a flexible person, but this is the first time it has limited my ability to do something, and it sucks. If anyone has had the same or a similar problem, please help me out with how you solved it.

Or if you just know what to do and you want to tell me that would be cool too… because I’m clueless.


Have you tried building up your range of motion with snatch squats. Try them even with a broomstick handle as part of your warm-up to leg day. Gradually work up to doing full snatch squats with weights and that should help you build towards doing snatches.

As well, if you want a decent hip extension movement try snatch high pulls, where you complete the explosive phase of a snatchwithout including the catch.