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Back/Shoulder Hair Growth - Laser Removal Experience?

I just wonder if any of you had excessive hair growth on your back or shoulders induced by TRT and tried laser hair removal. I tried this few years ago but I guess it should be officialy not adviced while on TRT because hair would just regrow anyway.
Current dosage: 40 mg enanthate E3.5D.

You tried laser removal before? Did it work? I’ve noticed a lot of back/arm hair growth since going on TRT

My back, neck, chest hair exploded on TRT. Been thinking about laser hair removal myself but I get new hair frequently. Not sure how effective it would be.

I’ve not noticed a change in hair in the year I’ve been TRTing. But I’ve always been part sasquatch. Back, chest, shoulders, arms, legs…I get hair out onto the intermediate finger bones.

Oddly despite the clinically low T level (well under 300) I’ve always had chest/back acne. Hasn’t changed much.

Haven’t thought about laser too much. Have always groomed a bit.

When I shave I have stubble in about an hour or two. If I wax anything the new crop is pushing its way out in a week and a half which sounds like it’s on the “fast” end of the scale.

I tried laser removal and I think every tesosterone injection stimulates the growth of new hair making laser treatments useless. Now I use a body groomer twice a week.
I’m asking since there is no straightforward answer whether laser hair removal works while on TRT. Lack of real life knowledge in medical staff about TRT is blowing my mind every time.

Gotcha, I may give it a go just to see. The amount of new hair on my back is crazy, and I can’t reach it all with a trimmer

Get yourself a “Bakblade”. If you want to spend money, get whichever version you like (there’s at least 3-4 different ones now that hold up to 3 blade modules - kinda like the old 1,2,3,5 blade cartridge wars). If you’re in any way a cheap bastard, get the 1.0 version. Some fellow cheap bastards have found you can pop open the blade module and replace the blades with common safety razor blades (it takes 3 at a time…gives you a good shaving width). You’ll then need to drill a couple holes in the plastic and use a couple screws/nuts to hold it together again.

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Well I have a electric body trimmer that I glued to a broken shower brush handle that gives me about 18 in reach. Tried it the first time last night, worked pretty well, the guard makes sure I don’t get cut

I have that. It gives me in grown hairs like a motherfu****.

Interesting. I just started using it recently…couple of shaves. Haven’t noticed a problem yet but…I can’t see my own back. Guess I’ll have to have the wife keep an eye out. I might be lucky though. Waxed my chest/gut a few times and haven’t had one there yet either. Started that 'cuz I’ve had a lifelong battle with chest acne and it’s way better now without having hair there and being able to stridex/clearsil the pimples properly.

Heh. That’s another creative solution. I have read the reviews of people cutting themselves with the 'blade. I’ve made sure I use zero pressure with it and stick to absolutely straight lines.

My missus shaves my back once a year. You could actually make a wig with the amount of hair that’s comes off

I’ve been on TRT for about 10 years. I was already a hairy gorilla, but my back got way worse. I eventually waxed it and then bought a laser that they were selling in Costco one day I was in there a couple of years ago. Costco will take anything back so I thought what the hell, right? Best $230 I ever spent. Thing is amazing. Wife would go over the back twice, once a week in the beginning. You do have to shave it or wax it so the hair is really short before you begin. If you let the hair grow out to far between treatments you need to rewax or shave again. Now maybe she hits it every few months when a straggler comes along. This is the same brand, but not the exact model. I’ve done my ears also, as I’m an old hairy man. Works great. Especially if you factor in that I’m a redhead and it works better on darker hair.