Back Session Help

Hi Guys,

need some advice on my back workouts, since ive started training my lats have been a strong point, they are really big now in proportion to the rest of my body.

I usually do

lat pull downs x 4
dead lifts x 4
machine/db rowsx 4
reverse bb rowsx 4

How can I change my workout to get more thickness on the rest of my back? should I maybe start focusing more on my lower traps?

bent over row
pull ups
dumbell row

Lots of rows for thickness, I like pendlay rows. Lots of heavy deadlifting. More rows, and repeat.

Pull-ups with weight, pull-ups to failure, pull-ups supersetted with anything. Deadlift more and/or heavier. Change your grip with doing pulling movements.

Not sure what kind of set/rep schemes you’re doing but… wave loading works really for me for deadlifts and weighted pull-ups. (1:6, 2:3 ,3:6, 4:3, or something like that.)

Also, doing pull-ups to failure so say like this:

Do Set 1 as fast you can w/ good form: say you do 25 reps. Rest for 2-5 seconds, Do Set 2 going to failure again say 15 reps. Rest 2-5 seconds, etcetera ecterera… Do this until you puke. Not many people have the motivation to do pull-ups like this IMO, but it works if you push yourself.

Like I mentioned, changing your grip can make a huge difference in how it works your back. If you’ve gotten huge lats doing lat pull downs… that is not fair. :slight_smile:

Thanx u so much guys, appreciate the advice.

One problem, im not strong enough (yet) to do so many pull-ups, can only do like 6 proper ones at my best, sad I know, but ill get there, SOON.

Think ill try the rows on my next back session. Seated machine rows, db rows, reverse bb rows, cable rows, ill even get in a canoe and row, he he, kidding.

Will also ry a few different grips.

Tips on pull-ups… prior to joining the Marine Corps I used the Recon Ron Pull-up program… Its basically a scaled pull-up program that is designed over about 12 weeks and brings you from 1 pull-up to 20. It’s effective if your looking to increase your numbers…

Also lean away pull-ups are great for thickening the back
Also lower traps… I share the same issues now that I’m paying more attention the biomechanics of the body I realize that I need to work on strengthening my lower traps for general back/shoulder health.

I’de recommend some activation exercises for them such as wall slides, Blackburns credited to Defranco (Joe Defranco has a Youtube video on them), scapular retractions using the low-pulley row, and scap pushups described in the article Push-Up Plus…

Basically what I’ve exeperienced in order to build them first I needed to learn how to activate them and the corresponding muscle groups: depressing the scapula etc.

With back thickness as a priority I would also re-arrange your workout… placing the heavy compound first followed by another thickness oriented exercise for your rhomboids and finally perhaps moving on to your lats since they need less stimulation.
Anyways… just some food for though. Good luck.

please tell me more about the recon ron pull-up program?

Throw in high rows

if i did deadlifts and bent over barbell rows in the same session my lower back would get injured…be cautious

RR Pull Up Program:

He doesn’t need a damn Pull-Up program. Just do 6 sets of 6.

Pull-Ups 6x6
Lat Pulldown-4 sets x 8-10 (heavy)
Seated Rows 3-4x8 (Heavy)
DB Bent-Over OA Rows (heavy) 3-4x6-8
Deadlift (heavy) 3-4x4-5

All you need.

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I believe the OP asked to hear more about the RR program… that is all.